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Be afraid, but not too afraid, and yet…, more Afraid, or, at the very least more aware of COVID-19 offshoot, the Delta Variant a deathlier version of the former as well as other Variants yet in the Horizon! A Note about COVID-19: and the one that followed it, the Delta Virus. While it is alright to be afraid of these viruses, and more so of its more contagious counterpart it should not be to the extent of being totally paralyzed, just afraid enough to be alert, on guard, conscious enough of what is happening, where and when is happening and what’s at stake, ready to take what actions or precautions need to be taken to reduce the chance of contamination more now than ever as Heath Officials expect a Virus Outbreak, new wave…    Read More        Share  

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Internet “Gems“, Cuteness Overload. Something to Reflect on, let’s Not Loose Site of what Really Matters, the Future!

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Not much different there…, than over here, one World, that ‘s all we got! Give them a “Like”.

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Our Hearts goes out to George Floyd Family, and in essence, all previous and since…, all George Floyd s and their family impacted by a system in need of Reform, and, to all the lives lost to Mass Shootings, their families, and those communities affected by these tragedies, and the many lives, these cowardly acts have impacted, also to the 1,062,564 (as per Johns Hopkins University (JHU) latest statistics) victims of COVID-19.

Not just numbers, but individual family members, empty chair. at the family table. 

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@auntiekilljoy #greenscreen they need to show these images at every political debate about abortion #feminism #abortion #fyp ♬ original sound – Jessica Valenti

Know what you are voting for, and why that’s so important for a “Women Health”. Politics and Politicians do not belong making life changing decisions between a patient seeking an abortion and their Dr. and…, here’s the MYA Network-Institute Video, what early Pregnancy’s actually looks like, unlike misleading efforts from Republicans and pro lifers, no “Fetus” is visible even at 9 weeks.


@auntiekilljoy Some more info from the MYA Network on what early pregnancy & abortion really look like #abortion #feminism #fyp ♬ original sound – Jessica Valenti


When you have an illegitimate court, can it be trusted?

When Democracy is at stake, the choice is clear!

Just Comply! Is Equal Justice under the Law, apply to you, or is it applied equally, while black, or brown?

Delusional! Dam if you do, Dam if you Don’t! 

Far Right Trump-ers and their supporters suddenly are coming apart at the seams, totally outraged by Merrick Garland raid of Trump’s Mar a Lago home in search of Highly Classified Materials (never mind that Garland had been asking for the return of these material for months), of which 11 sets were found to be Highly Classified, including material related to nuclear weapons…    Read More  Share 

Twisting himself into a Pretzel to try to justify the Unjustifiable!    Share 

Backing the Blue…., unless the Blue Knocks on your door!  Share 

Make no mistake, a coup, is a coup, is a coup. Simply put, Trump and his cronies are all Traitors to Democracy, the Constitution and the Rule of Law!

Traitor’s Playbook! If you think your Vote it’s not important, it is what will make the difference whether you still live in a Democracy, or an Authoritarian-Dictatorship, On Nov. 5-2024 Vote for Reason, Vote for Sanity, VOTE Democracy!

Barefoot, Pregnant and in the Kitchen. Just Like Republicans Like Them!

The Court (Monkey Court that is), has spoken, and with that it has stripped the Right of a Woman to safe, self Determination when it comes to her body, never mind that your Mother and Grandmother fought hard to help bestowed that right upon you.

Many women and men celebrating the overturned of Roe v. Wade do not realized the danger this extreme approach to such a Fundamental Right carries, it’s not just about abortion and the preservation of a woman reproductive health but…    Read More  Share 

A little “Tune” from the Younger Generation, a well deserved Tribute to the Five Radical Supreme Court Judges, enjoy! Now, let’s get them to Vote, that’s more important now, than ever.    Share 

2022 graduating class in Chernihiv at their high school. Ukraine

Hope for the future of Ukraine! The strength of their achievement under the most of extreme of circumstances, underscores and is a testament of the resiliency of the Ukrainian people.  Share 

More Thoughts and Prayers, coming…, to your Community!

For those that think of a weapon of mass destruction as something of a Fanciful Nature, a Novelty Item, a cherished, Icon of some kind, lauded-highly praised tool that will bring you untold amounts of satisfying hunting experiences or just, admired by those interested on using it for hunting I said, educate yourself!

While We support Gun ownership for protection at home (rifle for hunting), We think it ridiculous for any other purpose including Conceal Carry unless you will be carrying large amount of money or…   Read More      Share 

“Uvaldes’s COWARDS, No COJONES-No Balls-No Guts!

They will forever be known as “Uvaldes’s Cowards”, No Cojones-No Balls-No Guts, not caring as much for children at a school, while being brown!

While We support the Police, Incident like this is where a Police Department and individual Officers gets to shine, to show their “meta”, instead they all stood on the sidelines as if they were on a picnic, relaxing and drinking water, guess they were more dehydrated than the children inside in pools of blood at that school dying at the hands of a derange individual, support for this Police Department should be zero.

When you put on the Badge you make a commitment to “Protect” those which Can Not Protect Themselves.  To all those officers whom stood by with a “Bullet Proof Vest”, I say, how many of those children were wearing one, as they did? You were afraid of being shot at; then perhaps you should change your line of work….    Read More       Share 

A man of many talents, a true hero of not only the Ukrainian people but of the Democracy many yearns and are willing to die for!


              Song title: “A country our children will be proud of“ Pass it on, Like it Share!

Our hearts and prayers are with the people of Ukraine, Never give up, Never give up!

When Art, goes around, to inadvertently imitate Life!

A Ukrainian woman telling a Russian soldier to put sunflower seeds in his pocket so that flowers will grow when he dies on Ukraine’s soil. According to post, “Sunflowers” are Ukraine’s national flower.

Are there “Consequences” for Lying under Oath? A Lie is not just a Lie, and definitely not a Fib, When applying for a coveted sit with a very selected group of individuals (Supreme Court Judges) that had subscribe to Precedent and the Rule of Law for over three decades. These Lies will have radical consequences that will affect Women Health  (exponentially in Brown and Black Communities), and their Economic Realities among other things, if Roe vs Wade is overturned.

Should these Supreme Court (Nominees prior to being confirmed to the Supreme Court) be held to a Higher Standard of consequences knowing that they now do not seem to subscribe to the Rule of Law after they stated under Oath that they would, should they be Censured, made to resign their post?    Share


(Revised) Is it Time to Pack up the Courts ? Senate Republicans voted on Monday night, October 26, 2020 to confirm Amy Coney Barret to the Supreme Court giving the Supreme Court a 6-3 Conservative Majority for Generations to come barely a week before the election, in the midst of more than 70 Millions voting and after Mitch McConnell and same Republican Majority refused to even have a hearing for…     Read More       Share 

Donald Trump; Taking the Fifth is Disgraceful…, only the “Mob” takes the Fifth, if you are not guilty why are you taking the Fifth? Will Donald Trump and cronies be guilty if pleading the Fifth?  Share

When caring more for misguided ideology, a cult mentality than a life saving vaccine is not the Healthier choice…, for longevity!  Share

Watch Morning Joe analysis of president Biden speech, on first half of above clip.  Share

          President Biden’s full Speech below.

A Coup is a Coup… is a Coup, no matter how you dress the Monkey…, it is still a Monkey?  Share

Freedom, Liberty! From what? “We the People” is more than just words, it represents Democracy, Democracy that we all should not take for granted as it also lends to the possibility that as a free to choose society it can also lead to electing a subversive, authoritarian, dictatorial type of government or regime or worse, if not choosing wisely.

If you want a good way forward toward your personal as well as the country economical prosperity, choose your elected officials carefully, un-trues and the lack of respect for the rule of law will not deliver that for you or the country…     Read More  Share

The wheels of justice move ever so slowly…, but eventually, they’ll get you there!  Those, at all levels  involved in the insurrection, threat to our Democracy on January 6th 2021, should be worried that no mater how long it takes, Justice, will come knocking on their doors, “Those involved must be held accountable. And there is no higher priority for us at the Department of Justice”. Attorney General Merrick Garland on who will be held responsible for attacks on democracy.    Share

Is Reflexing on the past to move positively forward still an option, while there’s still one? Ignoring History…, will have History repeat itself, and not in a good  way!    Share

When Your foot is not quite fitting in your mouth but  you continue to force it to fit anyway, hoping for a different outcome. Did Peter Navarro just realized how deep in doodoo, he’s in?  Share

Should a compelling reason be, that Democracy is on Life Support or, perhaps, the continuation of Democracy as you knew it… before Trump? When presented with current historical facts of the failed  Insurrection January 6th/2021 fueled by Trump and his cronies which ’till this day continue to puke falsehoods and un-trues on the hope of staying in power, disregarding the will of the people, the 81 Millions that voted for Sanity… this should be, an easy choice!   Share

Is accountability for those in Congress and the Senate that tried to help subverse Democracy,  in the horizon?


Will the truth set them Free, or send the conspiracists, enablers of the “big lie”, straight to prison?




Liars, liars Pants on Fire and then some! Destroying Democracy one lie at the time. Share

1,062,564 COVID-19 Casualties…, and counting. With an estimated Ten of thousands that could had been saved if not for Trump’s cavalier, lax approach to the deadly pandemic currently and still adding to this tally by Republican enablers and cronies in high power positions still reciting the same falsehoods with the sole purpose of staying in power, for personal gains regardless of the human toll!   Share

The chickens have come home to roost! The Months of Miss-information at Fox, are finally coming back to bite them…, in the behind!


Anti Vaxxers-Anti Mask-Anti Mandates, Conspiracy Theorists… Karma is Watching, can you bet against COVID? Many that have… lost!     Read More      Share

When Trump and his Senate Republican Cronies finger pointing keeps Pointing back at his Administration! No different than having yourself Vaccinated when of pre-school age…

and your children Vaccinated (prior and as a requirement for attending School) against Rubella, the mumps, Tuberculosis, Polio, measles, and a host of other deceases with Vaccines that had kept them all but extinct. Contrary to popular believe, life is short as it is, it can be snuff-out in a millisecond by the most of unforeseen of circumstances, getting the shot gives you the opportunity of eliminating or reducing the COVID-19 threat that most certainly, could take it away.    Share

Conspiracy Theories 2.0.

Getting ready for an eventual Coup… is Two Times a Charm for the Fascist Republicans? Urgent cry to save them, now called possible future terrorist and a Democrat (Conspiracy) to increase Votes, Republicans can’t seem to make up their mind, will woman ever have the right to their body? will you defend Democracy at the Ballot Box, Hold on to your Seat, Bumpy Rides ahead!    Share

Chaos, Division, Partisanship, Lack of Empathy, Tribalism, Narcissist Administration is what accurately describe the Trump Administration, throw in there as well, Untruths-Falsehoods and a barrage of Conspiracy and alternate Truths (throughout four years of Trump that you will never get back), and you have a Recipe for Cancelling Democracy as you know it, if Trump… is given a second chance!    Share


 While the Pandemic might not have affected many a lucky Individual financially, that might not hold truth for a substantial amount of Americans, whom, basically had been living Paycheck to Paycheck hoping things do not go worst than already are and yet, have given very little thought, to their Future Financial Survival should they be touch by COVID if not Vaccinated. The consequences….   More    Share  

When you thought things couldn’t get any worse…

World Worst Air Pollution coming to your, or, a city near you. Are we in the verge of an “Air and or Fire-pocalypse”.

Can an N-95-KN95 Mask protect you against these Wild Fires Toxic Smoke Pollutants’? Talk about adding insult to an already Exhausting Pandemic!

Extreme drought, intense heat, powerful winds are creating more, more often and worst Fires in Western U.S. States (and across the glove), impacting air quality, ranging from unhealthy to hazardous, in at least eight states…   More  Share  

Discrimination and Bigotry, has no boundaries! Does not get more Americool, than this.  Share  

Giving “White Rage” (Tucker Carlson), a Megaphone to spew Trash, Disinformation and Conspiracy Theories shouldn’t be the norm, which Folks at Fox try make it to be each time they come on the air. There should be a law against constant, daily,  haranguing, outrageous rants such as these which does more harm than good especially to those easily impressed, with lack of purpose and looking for some kind of meaning in their life, whatever happened to the days when trash like this was confined to your “I was adducted by Aliens” disinformation and Conspiracy Tabloids.   Share 

When “Backing the Blue”, the officers that put their lives on the line (protecting even those that are trying to undermine-downplay what happened on January 6th in Washington DC) is not as important to Fox News…, the Fascist Megaphone for Trump’s base, as hurting that “base” bottom line. Continuing to spouse falsehoods on behave of a chronic liar and con man, is more profitable!   Share  

When does a (Donald Trump) Loser, realizes he Lost and at what Cost?  Share  

The Real Reason why Republicans can’t say Joe Biden Won the Election…, perhaps they believe in their “Alternate Fascist” World they live in that, by doing so a Delicate Haze when they utter these words, will engulf them, making them “Poof”, Disappear, into the thin air. No! By sticking with their talking points they can prolong and thus give Validity to their Big Lie of a stolen Election, even though these past elections proved to be the most Secure and Fair Elections in the history of the United State!   

Is Fascism rearing it’s ugly head again? Republican Fascism is trying to get a foot hold in America…, Fascism no matter who is advocating for it is still Fascism, all of those that continue to ignore the Rule of Law, the Truth, the Constitution, that like to submerge in Falsehoods and Conspiracies are fully advocating for the destruction of Democracy as you know it, this quote from George Santayana (writer and philosopher) ring so much truth today, as when he first uttered these words “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”, in other words, those who “Ignore” the past are “Doomed” to repeat it. One must be Vigilant, for Democracy is Fragile, Educate yourself, for it is the first step, toward defeating Fascism, no matters where it tries to take roots.   

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                                                 Tax Manipulator Read More      Share  

The Poster child for everything that is wrong with the Republican Party, Voted to repeal Biden’s election. Back in March 4 2020 Matt Gaetz was mocking the Corona Virus…     Read More      Share  

Will the Truth Ever set Trump Free?

                                                                                                                 For Destroying Democracy, just add:

  • 1 A Sprinkle of constantly Ignoring the Rule of Law
  • 2 One Pinch of Lies, Lies and more Lies; Tell a Lie a Thousand times, and it becomes Truth (Joseph Goebbels, Hitlers Minister of Propaganda). Trump makes use of this tool on a daily basis, takes a page from Hitlers Minister of Propaganda; it’s tried and proven, worked for Nazi Germany…
  • 3 A Substantial Dash of Conspiracies, to distract from wrong doings…    Read More      Share 

DO YOU CARE THAT TRUMP LIKES YOU, SHOULD YOU CARE? Trump has made it his business to do away-fired or discredit those that do not agree with him, would he like you better if you still do not agree with his policies and he gets another Four Years?…    Read More      Share  

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