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Be afraid, but not too afraid. A Note about COVID-19: It is alright to be afraid of this virus, not to the extent of being totally paralyzed, but afraid enough to be alert, on guard, conscious enough of what is happening, where is happening and what’s at stake, ready to take what actions or precautions need to be taken to reduce the chance of contamination more now than ever as Heath Officials expect a worse than expected Virus Outbreak…    Read More        Share   

Details Below.

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Internet “Gems“, Cuteness Overload. Something to Reflect on, let’s Not Loose Site of what Really Matters, the Future! Musical Notes Note: will Not play on Apple’s Safari” browser.

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Our Hearts goes out to George Floyd Family, and in essence, all previous and since…, all George Floyd s and their family impacted by a system in need of Reform, and, to all the lives lost to Mass Shootings, their families, and those communities affected by these tragedies, and the many lives, these cowardly acts have impacted, also to the 562,504 (as per Johns Hopkins University (JHU) latest statistics) victims of COVID-19.

Not just numbers, but individual family members, empty chair. at the family table. 

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Stay Mentally Fit during the COVID-19 Pandemic with this “Useful Guide” about guarding mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic.

OVER HALF A MILLION INDIVIDUAL DEATHS, a HOLOCAUST no one’s talking about or even… seems to want to acknowledged WHY?

More Deaths than in the Civil War and or World War I, II, More than in all American wars since 1945 combined. To put that into context…, Kansas City, Missouri (Population 495,327), the Country of Belize (420,000) would had been completely wiped out by COVID-19 and Crisis… is not over yet…    More   

The Strength of a Leader lies on His or Her Character, the Courage to face and deal with that which may adversely affect self preservation when confronted with extraordinary circumstances!



Kooks in the Mists, now representing the Newly Minted (no longer Republican Party) “Looney Party”.

Coup? Would be Traitors to Democracy – Constitution, the Rule of Law come in many stripes, some subtle, same goals to overthrow the Government. Just, create a conflict; Trump did on January 6th…Read moreShare  



Sticks and Stones..

Moving the Goalpost into the day, that will never come!


Thousand has die (562,504 as of 04-12-2021) from COVID-19, and thousands more will still succumb to this terrible  disease the longer the remnants of Trump’s Republican Party drags its feet when dealing with this Pandemic.

Should Trump be held accountable for the ten of thousand of deaths, prior and yet to come, due to him “Not Caring”, what about Trump’s enablers on the House and the Senate… Mitch McConnell? As History is being written, it will show this Administration and it’s Republican Party, as the worse, on the history of US Democracy since its birth.    Share

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                                           Baseless Allegations!

America is Back, Sparing it from the Brink of Total Disaster. Progress is on the Way. No More “TV Reality Show-Daily Briefings”, No More Drama, Apprentice Time is over! Consequences are on the Horizon, time for Trump to Face the Reality of his Many Crimes.   Share  

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It Doesn’t Matter!



Is it Time to Pack up the Courts ? Senate Republicans voted on Monday night, October 26, 2020 to confirm Amy Coney Barret to the Supreme Court giving the Supreme Court a 6-3 Conservative Majority for Generations to come barely a week before the election, in the midst of more than 70 Millions voting and after Mitch McConnell and same Republican Majority refused to even have a hearing for…     Read More       Share 


Reform by a Tax Manipulator Read More      Share  


Would you be facing Financial Armageddon – WHERE ARE THE LYSOLS? For months now it has proven to be quite a task trying to find some Lysol Spray and Wipes, you have a better chance at winning the Lottery…   Read More     Share  


The Poster child for everything that is wrong with the Republican Party, Voted to repeal Biden’s election. Back in March 4 2020 Matt Gaetz was mocking the Corona Virus…     Read More      Share  

Will the Truth Ever set Trump Free?


                                                                                                                 For Destroying Democracy, just add:

  • 1 A Sprinkle of constantly Ignoring the Rule of Law
  • 2 One Pinch of Lies, Lies and more Lies; Tell a Lie a Thousand times, and it becomes Truth (Joseph Goebbels, Hitlers Minister of Propaganda). Trump makes use of this tool on a daily basis, takes a page from Hitlers Minister of Propaganda; it’s tried and proven, worked for Nazi Germany…
  • 3 A Substantial Dash of Conspiracies, to distract from wrong doings…    Read More      Share 


Will the Unsuspecting Fly, get COVID-19? Judging by the way things are going at the White House…    Read More      Share  


DO YOU CARE THAT TRUMP LIKES YOU, SHOULD YOU CARE? Trump has made it his business to do away-fired or discredit those that do not agree with him, would he like you better if you still do not agree with his policies and he gets another Four Years?…    Read More      Share  


IS TRUMP “MENTALLY STABLE” ? Violating, trampling on the Oath they took before taking office or not living up to Their Oath to Uphold the Constitution is a false oath…, called perjury, impeachable! But acting irrational or psychological…   Read More      Share  


Trump Reached his Milestone and then some! Did TRUMP DESERVE ANOTHER FOUR YEARS, FOUR MINUTES? OVER 562,504 COVID-19 DEATHS, AND COUNTING, Beg to Differ! Not just a number…    Read More      Share  

Will your Ballot make it on time? Thus far, Trump said Virus will go away, 33 Times! February 10, 2020, a lot of people said that the Virus will go away with the heat…, and so Trump, started his premeditated narrative of downplaying, dismissing the Virus as a serious threat to the American people while knowing…    Read More      Share 


TRUMPINI the DELUSIONAL and his FALSE NARRATIVE! When you are constantly creating and want to Create Panic but claim otherwise to benefit re-election campaign, for Distraction of a Failed Presidency and Failed Policies, that could of had saved well over 300,000 lives from the Corona-virus and God’s only know how many more in the months ahead. Anyone with an ounce of Brain will see how catastrophic…     Read More      Share 


The Failure to Lead (by Trump), is being Measured on Lives Lost, so far, that’s 562,504 (as of 04-12-2021)! 100,000 to 200,000 Deaths was OK with Trump, according to him, means that he would had done a very good job, think of that for a moment, can you even quantify in your mind the insanity of such statement, let along…    Read More      Share  

Where is your 3M N-95 Masks, Did you get yours? If these Masks are so effective at warding off the Virus as they had proven to be, why is it that only Medical Professionals and First Res Ponders get to use them, are we not all exposed to the same…  Read More       Share  

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Make that… 562,504 Deaths. Will Trump ever pay a price, face prosecution for 10’s of Thousands of unnecessary Deaths due to his Negligent Ineptitude?

Contrary to Trump ignoring and questioning the need for critical Protective Gear and or Medical supplies essential for the fight against the Virus by Medical Providers in highly infected…    Read More      Share 


Study finds N-95 Masks Can be Sanitized!

KARMA is a BITCH! Ignoring Science for self Gratification at the Expense of AMERICA, Comes with Consequences!…   Read More       Share 

Delusional is their game, would Reality ever set in?


Memories of a Bi gone, Bigoted Era should stay, well… Bi gone for it only serve to rekindle a past that needs not be revisited!

Is Anyone Above the Law? Not if the People have something to say about it and, spoken they have!

Trump said that he has no intention to leave the White House, after trying and failing to overthrow, the New, Legally Elected President (Joe Biden), it would of had been nice to see him being evicted when the time came…, pity!


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Traitor to the US Constitution, Traitor to the Office Of the Presidency, Corrupt Administration with a Complicit US Republican Senate. America has spoken, Trump’s corrupt Administration is now an afterthought, even though regnant of his Poison is still well and alive on the US Senate, a challenge for the New Administration of President Biden, would his be a glass half full, or one half empty? Time will tell.

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Check Article on: “Suppressing Robert Reich” . Click Here, to go to “Paradise”, OK…, Short Posts – Great read.

   Treason Earns nor Deserves Immunity.      Share  

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Note to self, Trump was Not running the country, these Trolls were, as well as Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh. These are the Folks helping Trump Loony, Joke of a presidency make Policies that affect You and Your loved ones. Since when a Delusional, Conspiracy Theory, Alternate Facts, Cable Station and other Far Right outlets gets to Dictate Government Policies? Should they be investigated for collusion, conflict of interest, coercion, subversion?


Delusional Theories and Imaginary Hocus Pocus Information Station. Should a TV Broadcaster be allowed to be a Megaphone…    Read More        Share 

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LIAR, LIARS, PANTS ON FIRE! Republicans in both the House and the Senate have made it their mission to take Your Insurance away…    Read More     Share 



To get Your Base Rile Up, Lie, Lie and then…, keep Lying some more! Trying to gain Political Leverage Trump…Read More     Share 

Truth, Master Manipulator.       Read More       Share  

What Irks America! Remember this?


Is Time Running Out?

(Please slide video to 14.39 for announcement)

Do you know what time it is? The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists does and according to their latest assessment The Doomsday Clock is now set at 100 seconds to Midnight, so what does all this mean? The Doomsday Clock warns of impending catastrophes, how close we are to Armageddon, it was created in 1947 but has never been closer to “midnight” in more than 70 years of existence as of their latest assessment.

Every year, The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists consults with a board of sponsors that includes 13 Nobel Laureates to analyze current events and thus position of the Doomsday Clock’s hands based on range of threats or current apocalyptic events… Do you really know what time it is, if not, you should, our collective actions now, could decide whether we have a promising tomorrow, for our children, their children and their children children… or not!          Share  

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