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 New Picture (19)  At Am an American we do not mince words regardless of issue and whom is creating such, we are an equal opportunity, on their face, make’m pay, make them squirm, voice of the little guy.

Am an American, Where Yours, is a Developing American History, whether Your Ancestor Came on the Mayflower long ago, were Born and Raised here in the good old USA or just arrived, no matter what part of the USA you come from – North, South, East West… the World, Welcome! Enjoy our Posts, and Products, to Celebrate Your Americans Heritage and Lifestyle.

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Internet “Gems“, Cuteness Overload. Something to Reflect on, let’s Not Loose Site of what Really Matters, the Future! Musical Notes  Note: will Not play on Apple’s Safari” browser.

Our Hearts goes out to all the lives lost to latest Mass Shootings, to their  families, and those communities affected by these tragedies, and the many lives, these cowardly acts have impacted.

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The Failure to Lead, Will be Measured on Lives Lost!

 100,000 to 200,000 Deaths is OK with Trump, according to him, means that he would had done a very good job, think of that for a moment, can you even quantify in your mind the insanity of that statement, let along that many lives lost due to Trumps incompetence, it should send chills through your spine… More  Share

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Alternate World of Fox News. The Miss information Peddlers, now running for the hills, would there be a Price to Pay? Get your Popcorn ready!

That guy (Trump)…! That guy,,,?

The Incredible, Alternate, Wonderful, Fantabulous World of Trump, where everyone else narrative is Fake News, Hoax or Nasty… but his!

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