Drive for COVID-19 Protective Gear

Please Help!…

…With our Drive for COVID-19 #Protective Gear! Help us help First Responders and all of those on the #Front Lines against COVID-19.

Help us secure badly needed Face Masks and other Protective Gear for our Heroes in the front lines against this Pandemic.

Contrary to the Trump Administration constantly questioning the need for large quantities of critical Protective Gear and or Medical supplies essential for the fight against the Virus by Medical Providers in highly infected or affected areas, the need is great, urgent!

Rather than taking an initial pro-active approach, the lack of urgency by the Trump Administration-the Federal Government has compounded what could of had been a more manageable crisis, notwithstanding the fact that the Coronavirus Pandemic, comes with, and presents its set of unique challenges.

That said, badly needed Masks are needed. The fact that they are meant for a one time use only (as per CDC guidelines) makes it hard to keep up with demand by Medical Providers and First Responders in a world of price gauging and competing interests.

Masks, due to the lack of availability are in short supply, often being used multiple times increasing the risks exponentially that Medical Providers will, or could be infected with the Virus, thus, re-supplying them is critical, and of unparalleled urgency.

We at Am an American listened. We heard the pleads of the Nurses, Medical Providers and First Responders and are currently putting enough efforts forward by setting up this Crowd funding and raise enough funds to help provide these most needed supplies to the Medical and First Responders community, where needed the most.

By all of us pulling together we help mitigate, level the lack of supplies and show those sacrificing so much that we deeply care for their hard work and selfless dedication and will, forever be grateful.

We are all in this together and just about 7’ apart from risking contamination each time, when out shopping for essentials. Should we fall prey to this Virus, it’s good to know that those on the Front Lines, risking contamination themselves, will have our backs. This Pandemic will touch all of our lives, (and at the risk of sounding presumptuous for We take comfort in knowing the best minds are hard at work for a cure), well after it has been under control or eradicated all together, our optimism is limitless, has no shelf life.

We can’t do this without your help, while we recognize that other efforts may be currently under way, the more we all throw our weight on the lack of supplies currently affecting the fight against the Coronavirus the better our Heroes in the Front Lines will fare, bringing a sense of sanity or, at the very least, giving them enough mental relief, to know that badly needed Protective Gear is on the way, available when needed.

Funds collected by this Crowd Funding will help concentrate our efforts on Protective Gear or the purchase of masks, gloves and gowns whenever and wherever We can secure them, or procure them from our current, and other sources, as soon or upon availability.

Upon orders confirmations, the proper agencies, Medical and otherwise will be alerted (wherever the need is most critical) of availability for pick up once shipments are on the way or upon arriving.

Help us, help our Heroes on the Front Lines of this Epidemic, it’s the least we can do as grateful individuals and as a nation. Our gratitude goes to those fighting what could be the worst challenge of their life against an enemy that makes no distinction, as to whom… is next, Ralphy-Am an American (

Please donate, just go to our:

COVID-19 Medical Protective Gear Fundraising page on Facebook link -Drive for COVID-19 Protective Gear! Your contribution big or small will make a difference, in behalf of Am an American and all those making the ultimate sacrifice, Thanks.


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