This King Reign

This King Reign is about to Expire, on the “BRAINIAC” that Never Was!

Follow Trump’s accolades and Accomplishments: Mistrust, Lack of Transparency, Wrong -miss-guided policies, a dime a dozen Falsehoods, Psy·cho·path, no Empathy, Opportunist, Skillfully Playing the Blame Game to avoid Responsibility which in the end will be his and his Administration regardless of how he spins it.

Self Grandioseness without justification, with a Me Only-Me too, reluctant to share the Limelight Delusional Personality with the Experts, which so far has led to too Many More Deaths than necessary and Many More yet to come from COVID-19 due to his lack of disastrous Leadership.

Biggest accomplishment: “Divisiveness” and little disregard for the Health of all Americans including his followers (which, their every move, seems to hinge on Trumps every word, I pity those that took or will take Dr. Trump, Medical advice of disinfectant will knock Virus out), as well as those with less comprehension – understanding of what Common Sense entails in a Pandemic hoping for answers from a leader that Does Not exist to keep oneself out of harm’s way.

A Manipulative con artist of Facts and current events and skillfulness at manipulating situations and events for self serving benefit and grandioseness  does not a King Make nor increases his mental capacity (with Trump, that’s about the size of a Pea, each time he claims how smart he is, he establish this fact) but exposes a Weasel! This King Reign, is about to expire. Ralphy  Share


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