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MISUSING THE ARM FORCES FOR POLITICAL PURPOSES!  The Trump Administration is and will forever be remembered as The Failed Racist Administration Experiment that ever was. One that most when dust clear, will distance themselves from and soon, will want to forget as if it never happened, except for the few that shared the same Ideology of a bigoted system.

Federal Law Prohibits US Military from Enforcing Domestic law on US Soil, Any Military Personnel (as well as their immediate command) using Lethal Force will be held accountable for those actions under Federal Law. Military is “Not” going to do anything other than provide back up support (deploying concertina wire, Military vehicles etc.) to ICE and Border Patrol; they are “Not” allowed to “Shoot” anyone.

Those 200 Plus Millions when everything is said and done, that Trump will be wasting sending the Military just to gain political Leverage with his Base could be put to better use, wherever it may be most sorely needed and I can think of many Programs that money, could help.

They say that Good always win over evil and Reason over Discord, and yet wrong always manage to rear its ugly self at each chance it gets hoping that persistence will win the day, that’s, Trump at his finest. Comment, Like, Share, Follow. Ralphy     Share      Tweet 


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HYSTERIA OVERLOAD! Would there be Bloodshed due to Trump’s Inciting an Arm Uprising by Local Militias as well as those itching, trigger happy at the opportunity to bring about a unjustifiable violent action to an Imaginary threat once Asylum Seekers reach the US Border?

It will truly be a Dark Day in America, a stain on this country image, one that will be remembered on the History books forever.

Folks with no future back home and the only solution to their plight is to seek refuge in a country that have become more Hostile each day that goes by, by those that want to hang-on onto an ideology not longer acceptable on this day and age, exclusion of others for the sole reason than the color of their skin, religion belief, or lifestyle through the Bigoted Actions and Misguided Rhetoric’s of a self proclaimed Nationalist, Racist Leader. Women and Small Children, Nursing Mothers a Threat, Terrorists? Truly No Shame!

It seems that with this administration all sense of compassion and openness that has been the Hallmark of this Nation left the room, gone out the window, for it to be the Richest Nation in the World leading by example is now a Forgone Conclusion, this country has shown with this administration to be no longer a bastion of right, over wrong.

We can set the record straight that this has and will always be a Nation of Immigrants, that regardless of a few that still want to hang on to a past that has no future so dictated by and with the conclusion of the Civil War, this country is, and will always be, the Land of Opportunities for those that want to embrace what it truly stands for, earned through its many struggles, changes, turbulent at times and yet, never lacking character, it is what makes America the Greatest Country in the World. On Tuesday, November 3, 2020,  exercise your Constitutional Rights; Vote! Comment, Like, Share, Follow. Ralphy   Share      Tweet

Losing Your Benefits?

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Your Social Security, Medicare, Pre-Existing Condition Coverage? Unless you are made out of some special super matter that cannot, nor will be affected by human afflictions, there’s a good chance that sooner than latter you, as with any other human being, will get sick at some point in the future, and by the way, don’t let your young age fool you, even Superman, had, his kryptonite!
To Young Voters, it’s time to exercise Your Constitutional Right, grab your friends, sweethearts and show that you care and really have come off of age, with your Vote.
Going forward there are two hard questions we all will be faced with, How Bad, and Can We Afford it?
How bad, will not be answered by hopes and wishes, even though no one can say in certain terms how bad an illness one may get the odds are, that we all as humans will definitely get sick at some point in our life. Chances of getting sick it’s up there with, Taxes and Death, it is, a certainty.
Can You Afford it? Unless you are in the upper echelon of society, a high wage-salary earner, a millionaire, perhaps getting sick would not be something that you’ll stress much over.
But if you are low income or even middle class as most of the US population is chances are that Pre-Existing Conditions will have an impact on your way of life and that of your family, cutting into or eliminating whatever plan you had for the future. So ask yourself, will you be covered?
Most people do not give an ounce of value to Health issues and Insurance coverage until faced with it and then it’s too late, face with consequences we all wish had paid attention to on hindsight.
Tire of hearing that Your Vote Counts? These Elections when you hear your Vote counts, Your Vote is important, make sure you take that to the bank, for it does and it is.
Unlike previous Elections the stakes are higher than ever and coverage or lack of it will definitely affect your pocketbook, your health, and whether you or a loved one affected by a chronic illness gets to be around to talk about it next year. This time around is not about party politics, it’s about Your Future, going ahead your Health and Financial stability should supersede Party Politics above all.
How good you, including your family comes out of it depends on your next move. Make the wrong one, vote for the wrong party with an agenda that will not benefit you or Your Family Health, stability and financial well being, or if you don’t vote at all…, will have serious implications as no change happens unless You Vote.  
Can’t blame it on the rain or on some cosmic force, it will be on you, as well as on all of those that do not exercise that Constitutional Right, question is, with so much at stake, are you willing to take that chance? If not, VOTE, The ball, is in Your Court! Comment, Like, Share, Follow. VOTE! Ralphy          Share      Tweet 

To Win, Cheat Steal… Lie!

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How to win an Election, Cheat Steal… Lie!

It seems that in each Election the only way Republicans win is if they Cheat;  With Gerrymandering, Vote Suppression, Voter ID legislation to discourage Minorities from Voting, with Defective-Outdated Voting Equipment which flip Votes, changing the Rules for Rural Native Americans so those communities do not fall within regular streets Guidelines thus keeping those communities from Voting.

Steal; Russian Intervention, Troll Farms, Hanging Chads, Not Counting or holding Votes back for, and under dubious circumstances and, did I mention, Gerrymandering?

Or just, unabashedly and blatantly Lying; With Barrage of Falsehoods, Conspiracy Theories, Hysteria, False Narratives, unsubstantiated allegations and the like (there were Arabs clapping on the middle of Central Park on September Eleven, or, if Democrats win, election was rigged (Trump). All, Republicans Tactics, used, and well documented.

Truth, elections have been known to get nasty at times, but what’s currently unfolding this time around is shinning a light at what should not be considered normal, nor be “Normalized” regardless of Party Affiliation. Republicans it seems, do not believe on playing fair, if the end result is the same why not Cheat, Steal, and Lie, what do they have to loose, if it gets them  elected!

Should Democrats, pull a page from their playbook? Perhaps not, for someone has to be this country conscience and common sense, it’s what gives this country Sanity, Hope. Let’s make Common Sense and Decency the Prevailing winner on Tuesday, November 3, 2020 Elections, Comment, Like, Share, Follow.  Ralphy        Share      Tweet