Anti Vaxxers

Anti Vaxxers-Anti Mask-Anti Mandates, Conspiracy Theorists… Karma is Watching, can you bet against COVID? Those that have… lost!

Mr. Anti-Vax: Marc Bernier 65, a conservative Right Wing radio host on a broadcast Bernier announced he wasn’t getting the vaccine, ever. Ever…, soon arrived!

Pressley C Stutts Jr. 64, Republican Party Leader. Anti-Vaxxer, claims Vaccine and Mask Mandates encroach on American freedoms. Not fun to be free, six feet under.

Dick Farrel (Farrel Austin Levitt) 65, Conservative radio host in Florida, It’s a Scam-demic. Criticized the Coronavirus Vaccine, On a Facebook page he stated; inoculations were “promoted by people who lied (to you) all along about masks, where the virus came from and the death toll” he…, won’t feel lied to, anymore.

Phil Valentine 61, Radio host. Voiced skepticism about the COVID-19 vaccine, tweeted once; I have a very low risk of A-Getting COVID and B-Dying of it if I do. Why would I risk getting a heart attack or paralysis by getting the vaccine? Valentine recorded a parody song “Vaxman”, mocking the vaccine. COVID, could care less about assumptions.

Robert David Steele 69, Ex-CIA. Conspiracy Theorist. Claimed, to be first to call COVID a Hoax. 678,368 COVID deaths as of 9/21/2021, a Hoax, Does Not make.

Caleb Wallace 30, Texas man, led a group of “Freedom Defenders” against mask restrictions, to end COVID tyranny. Freedom Granted!

Veronica Wolski 64, QAnon supporter. Husband and supporters on social media platforms said she had requested to be treated with ivermectin, the FDA has not authorized or approved ivermectin (nor has the CDC) for use in preventing or treating COVID-19 in humans or animals, only to treat infections caused by some parasitic worms, head lice and skin conditions like rosacea. Wolski stated in one of her videos; I have never once worn a mask. I have called the police on people that tried to make me wear masks. Can’t, re-think that now.

Bob Enyart 62, Notorious homophobic right-wing radio host, “Pastor”…, Pastor? Refused to get vaccinated…, another one Bite the Dust! That’s what he cruelly played when he gleefully as per an article on HUFFPOST, read obituaries of AIDS sufferers, a song by Queen, whose lead singer, Freddie Mercury, succumbed to the decease. Bob, tempted Karma, the bitch you do not want to meet.

386 Millions+ shots given, 182+ Millions (fully vaccinated) Doses administered, 55.5 of Population fully vaccinated with little or no side effects, guess, that was not proof enough that the Vaccine works to these folks.

Most of these Anti-Vaxxers were in their 60’s, a vulnerable age to this Virus; they let their guard down while too busy preaching the wrong Gospel to the masses, for all of those Purveyors of Death (Anti Vaxxers, Conspiracy theorists and the like), Karma, is watching.

Those with Bigger Radio Megaphones or a High Public Profile to spew the wrong information for self serving, selfish economic, grandiose purposes and as president Joe Biden very eloquently put it, being Cavalier with people’s lives, taken advantage of a sector of the population that likes to cling to alternate and sensationalized conspiracy theories rather that Scientific Facts, to those and the unvaccinated, what’s your number, what works for you, before COVID claims you and those around you?

The Facts. What made possible the fast development of the COVID-19 Vaccine was a $14 billion investment from the federal government, initiated as Operation Warp Speed which Trump supported and signed off on, yes Trump. Remember him?

In case you miss it, “MONEY”, lots of it, Motivated Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer to pour in and allocate resources to embark in an unprecedented fast development of the COVID vaccine which normally would take years, to develop, test, and approve for public use.

With no known cure or treatment in sight scientists rushed to develop a successful vaccine for the Novel Corona virus, which at the time has already infected more than 13 million people and killed at least 593,000 worldwide.

According to INSIDER, manufacturers and leading scientists have made efforts to shift funding and expedite the process to yield results as quickly as possible, there’s no “Mystery” or “Conspiracy” or Alternate Narrative to this fact, Key Word here again…, Money, made it happen.

“I wish I had gotten it” is just wishful thinking, of no significance when it’s too late for the shot, it is a Health issue. Get the vaccine, if just to live longer to aggravate or, agree to disagree with those, of opposing views, than yours.  Like, Share, Comment.    Share  


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