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A little about us an, Am an American Perspective, Plus… Q & A’s.

   Whether our ancestors arrived on this land in search of New Opportunities and adventures on the Mayflower, or today by any of the countless other means of transportation, this land of Indisputable Beauty has proven to be a Heaven, a Promised Land for those not only emigrating for the sake of change and prosperity but also for those seeking asylum from persecution, famine and countless other reasons… some reasons perhaps, too personal, never to be share or disclosed, all for the Promise of a New Beginning, a Fresh Start.

   Even in my own land, a cornucopia of individuals of many Nations over the passage of time, we’ve managed to integrate, blend yourself through and through into one individual physical being, leaving as a result, many a Multi-Ethnic individual and More often than not, rendering the old “I am from” moot and pointless, Heck, I am beginning to think that, as a whole, I encompass within myself, a mini United Nations.

   Am an American was created with you in mind, the ever Growing Cornucopia of Many, All One Nation. You are an American, You are in the right place. We offer you a Window into your Past heritage and Ethnic Present, a Blog/Site where all those American with a deep sense of Pride in their Heritage come to finalize their Americoolness, or sense of belonging, where you can get your Heritage Emblazoned/Printed on Memorabilia of choice, to help you Express-Showcase who you are.

APerfect Gift! Am an American Americool’s are Not Your regular Display Items, they come with a purpose. Our One of a Kind Place them Anywhere Mini Flags and other diverse products are Great for Pre and Post Naturalization Events, 4th of July, Country of Origin Celebrations, Independence Day Celebrations-Festivals, Immigration Events, Group Gathering, Rallies, and Many other Related Events.

They will proudly show and will speak volumes about your Heritage Diversity as well as your personal Individuality, assist you to firmly help you take your place into a nation built by the inspiring, hardworking individual looking for the opportunity to better their life, to forge a well deserve Future filled with opportunities, earned by determination and the drive to achieve, hampered, only by how far, you allow yourself to reach.

A Forum, where you can Blog-Post here, and Here, interact with other subscribers as well as link back to us to keep up with the latest. You can find us on Facebook also, where we often post Articles and any upcoming Offers that may be of interest to you, as well as on Twitter, Pinterest, and various other Social sites, to further exchange ideas with other like minded Americools-Subscribers.

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   Link to us, tell all Your Family and Friends about Am an American, E mail us with any suggestions as to how we can help improve your web experience with us so that we can better serve you, thanks again, for visiting. 

Best Grow Flag

  When you are Ready to Proudly show the World whom is an American, count on Am an American “Americool” to help you deliver that message!

For Large Quantities or, Large Quantities inquiries, use Form at bottom.

Q & A  

(Questions and Answers) for Am an American-Americool Products. 


 Please Click image for an up-close view-Highlights of Cool Americool! on a Mini Flag.

Unique, Highly Attractive, Custom Made in the USA. Do not let the looks fool you, all Americool Products comes with a one (1) Year Warranty against Defects or Workmanship’

Americool Minis come with Long lasting UV & Mar Resistant coating, recyclable Glare Free Non-Reflective material. An, “Am an American” Americool Miniature work of art representing your Heritage diversity 24/7, 365 days! Customize Yours in a Wide Variety of Designs and Styles. US and Heritage flag “Subliminally’ combined as one or, Standard Flag.

Gold Rimmed New Picture (5)   Plain New Picture (3)

We carry All Flags of the World, Military, Lifestyles and a Kaleidoscope of Designs and Styles to Compliment Your Mini, with US/Heritage-country flag combo or as Standard flag. 

  Another AmericoolNew Mini Flags Pictures 068New Picture (75) A Good Americool Cool Americool New Picture (86)

New Picture (24) New Mini Flags Pictures 019 New Mini Flags Pictures 041  New Mini Flags Pictures 046

Each Mini comes with Adjustable “Brass” Pole/Staff to Proudly Display your Unique Mini. No Cheap Plastic Pole/Staff Imitation here!-Heavy Duty, Medical Grade Suction Cup Free of Harmful Materials-Brand New/Carded

Your Purchase is Secured.

Pay with    New Picture (8)   New Picture (9)  for a Smooth, Trouble Free Transaction and Great Purchasing Experience.

Always FREE Shipping. Note: Free shipping is for the Continental USA only. 

World Flags.
No matter where in the World you do come from… we have your Flag! Tell us where do you want it display, on a Mini Flag, Cup, Mouse Pad, T-Shirt or any of the many Items presently listed on our Blog/Web, or, on our ever expanding list of Items where you can Proudly Display Your Unique, One of a Kind Individual Americool, Heritage/Country Flag.

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Express your American Ethnic Individuality this week however you choose, order yours.

Note: Cups Do Not Ship Outside the Continental USA.

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For Shipping Charges quotes to your Destination anywhere Outside  the contiguous Continental USA, shipping charges on Large Quantities or, Large Quantities inquiries, use Form below.

Note: Form is on Auto Pilot to ignore anything other than Requests for shipping Outside the Continental USA and Large Quantities inquiries.

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