When you thought things couldn’t get any worse…

(Revised) World Worst Air Pollution coming to your, or, a city near you. Are we in the verge of an “Air and or Fire-pocalypse”.

Can an N-95-KN95 Mask protect you against these Wild Fires Toxic Smoke Pollutants’? Talk about adding insult to an already Exhausting Pandemic!

Extreme drought, intense heat, powerful winds are creating more, more often and worst Fires in Western U.S. States (and across the glove), impacting air quality, ranging from unhealthy to hazardous, in at least eight states in the West due to 107 active large Wildfires burning that so far has consumed 2,179,454 acres, with the largest Wildfire, the: Dixie Fire (California) which has burned 780 square miles near Feather River Canyon in Butte County, one of the three larger fire in California’s history incinerating an area more than three times the size of Chicago.

Followed by the: Bootleg Fire (Oregon), devastating 401,601 acres in Freemont-Winema National Park..

The Snake River Complex Fire (Idaho), Lick Creek (Dry Gulch) Fire (in Oregon-Klamath County and Washington-Nespelem) which has burned 80,392 acres across areas of these two states. Tamarack Fire (Nevada) that so far has burned 65,152 acres,

Warmer and drier conditions are main cause leading to the high potential for severe wildfire activity throughout the western United States through the rest of the summer and into the fall according to The National Interagency Fire Center with (one each) fire contained on California, South Dakota, Texas and Washington, but many, still not:

Montana (24 Wild Fires), Idaho (21 Wild Fires) Contained 1, Oregon (18 Wild Fires), Washington (13 Wild Fires), California (11 Wild Fires) Contained 1, Alaska (9 Wild Fires), Wyoming (4 Wild Fires), Colorado (1), Utah (1), Nevada (1), Arizona (1), Minnesota (1), South Dakota (1) Contained, Nebraska (1), Texas (1) contained, Hawaii’s Big Island rapid brush fire Contained.

It does not get any better outside the U.S. and around the World. According to Canada’s  B.C. Wildfire Dashboard  more than 281 fires burned more than 500 acres across the province of British Columbia, including 7 that started in the past two days.

With Raging Wild Fires in Macedonia-7,000 acres burned, Greece (in the outskirts of the Capital, Athens), Turkey (Manavgat, with 180 fires), Italy (Pescara, 9 fires burning 24,710 acres), Russia Siberian (Yakutia region), Indonesia (South Sumatra), Portugal, Spain, Bulgaria, Albania and many others.

Latest Monitoring by the “Atmosphere Monitoring Center” reported that Thick, Toxic Smoke from the Siberian fires is creating the World’s Worst Air Pollution, threatening the Russian Siberian city of Yakutsk with an “Airpocalypse”, as per an article on The Guardian.

According to a Live Air Quality Report that monitors Air Quality around the world Siberian air has reached a high level of pollution, Higher than the maximum limit for 24 hours established by WHO (World Health Organization).

So Wild Fires is but one thing you have to worry about, aside from an already vicious, always mutating, ever lurking Pandemic, the many active Volcanoes and,  while Mount Etna comes to mind there are currently 43 active Volcanoes erupting around the World today according to the USGS – U.S. Geological Survey and the Smithsonian/USGS Weekly Volcanic Activity Report (WVAR), erupting all across the World throwing large amounts of ash plumes into the atmosphere as well as Pollutants caused by vehicle and other emissions.

The World as you know it, is not reaching a tipping point, it’s already experiencing the Tipping Point!

So what happens after Wild Fires? Live Air Quality Report Metrics estates same for Chicago (U.S.) as Siberia which indicates, that Air Pollutants from the Western U.S and Canadian Wildfires are reaching far and wide affecting other states and their population, apparent on local Weather News Casts often reporting haze in the atmosphere.

Pollutant Haze from Western Fires indicating that what started over there (Western States) soon enough will or is already paying you a visit!

With that in mind wearing a mask to protect yourself against small particulate matter (Chinese have been doing it for years due to their High levels of Air Pollution, Smog), air pollutants (due to Wild Fires out West) which can enter the blood stream and damage human organs, cause lung and other Health and Respiratory Problems) is making more sense each day that go by even if the Pandemic is brought under control.

Pollution from Western Wild Fires has been tracked all the way to New York City, a true realization, that COVID is no longer the only thing in our bag of worries this week, or next, that will require Mask wearing. The cause and effect of Global Warming-rampant Wild Fires each year might play a role as well.

Wearing a Mask will take on a total new meaning on months to come, same Cloth Mask with 5 layer filter insert, or N95-KN95 (which filters 95% of small air born Pollutants-particles) currently used to keep COVID19-Delta at bay, will also protect you from Air Pollutants caused by Wild Fires smoke, according to research and Healthline “Health News”.

Global Warming which is contributing to catastrophic Rampant Wildfires as well as other calamities in the U.S and around the World is something we used to think as distant, out of sight out of mind, now find it in our rear view mirror, with many already experiencing its devastating effects

We all must face the problem head on, ignoring it will not make it go away,  real, immediate solutions, before we get to an apocalyptic point of no return might save the day “immediate”, because judging by current events and WHO (The World Health Organization), time…, is not on our side. Are we in the verge of an “Air and or Fire-pocalypse?”. Like, Share, Comment, Follow. 


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