Trump Reached his Milestone and then some! DOES TRUMP DESERVE ANOTHER FOUR YEARS, FOUR MINUTES? OVER 247,645 (as of 11-17-2020), COVID-19 DEATHS, AND COUNTING, Beg to Differ!

Not just a Number.

With Tens of Thousands more Mothers, Fathers, Grandparents, Siblings, Uncles, Cousins, Children that have already die, are currently dying or will die from the Virus, there will be an empty chair these Holidays on many homes due to the lost of a love one to COVID.

…Many a live that could otherwise had been spared, paying the ultimate price due to Trump, his administration  and his cadre of aiding and enabling Republicans still failing the Nation with their lack of empathy and leadership.

Full tally yet to be determined as we head into the Fall when a worse than expected new wave of COVID-19 is due to hit and Tens of Thousands more deaths are expected as Trump still does not take responsibility, nor find or sees the urgency as he plays “Town Hall Apprentice” on National Television, ratings which by the way, he lost, perhaps for the very first time of his life, to an opponent he sees as weak (as his “Town hall” was televised on three Networks vs, one for former Vice President Biden, Biden getting a bigger percentage of viewers than Trump. Trump as you know, is big on ratings, he sees the World through Ratings, this is the biggest blow to his ego), and plays “Pin the Amy Coney Barrett tail” on a “Supreme Court Donkey”, looks the other way as if the Pandemic and its “Finality” does not exist.

Will your home have an Empty chair these Holidays? Our Heart Goes Out to all those that left us too soon and those left behind to pick up the pieces of whatever semblance of strength they could find to deal with their terrible lost.

America has to decide whether those taken by the Pandemic though no longer with us, still have a Voice due to the injustice done to them by the Trump administration and his enablers at the Ballot Box…, Can America afford four more minutes of Trump? Vote!  Like, comment, share, follow


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