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Tax Reform, by a Tax Manipulator.

Conniving, Deceiving Opportunist, Smile, we all Pay for it!

Enjoying your bridges, Roads (Highway Maintenance), Sidewalks, Water, Electrical, Waste, Sewage and Transportation Infrastructures? How about your local schools, firefighters-veterans assistance and benefits, you should, for you are the one that pays for all of it, but Not Trump.

Most people think of Taxes, as only one of those things you do each year on April 15. What you get charged at the groceries Store or at the Gas Pump after a purchase but infrastructure, is not, one of those things they associate Taxes with.

Some folks do not even know or are aware that their Taxes pay for it all. They see construction everywhere all the time in and around their State, Cities and Municipalities and the thought never crosses their mind, they think someone or something is magically paying for those structures, works and Services, never give it a first or second thought, never occur to them that they, the Taxpayer. Their Federal Taxes, is what’s footing the bill, that’s you and me along with millions of other Taxpayers, but Not Trump.

So Before you get so Willy Nilly in bed with Trump when he boast about paying little to No Taxes, or how smart he is for paying as very little or No Taxes as he possibly can, just remember, Taxes, are what pays for our Infrastructure and Many of the Services you so much enjoy. He’s benefiting from it all, but NOT Contributing a Dime or enough while reaping, ripping and raping the benefits at Taxpayer (that’s you and me buddy) expense!

He makes light that in some years, “I, myself, have never paid taxes on my businesses”. while at the same time boasting of his Great Wealth, This does not make Trump smart; it makes him a Manipulating, Conniving, Deceiving Opportunist, along with his Administration cadre of Millionaires and Billionaires.

Most of a Reason why it is important that Trump releases his Taxes which he promised to release and coerced others into releasing theirs and that only then, he would release his but has yet to do so  (Most GOP nominees since 1970s have released their tax returns to avoid the perception of Conflict of Interest. Not Trump), he’s the first president, major party nominee, to refuse to offer accountability of his finances in over four decades. What is he hiding?

Trump has refused to release his tax returns, citing an IRS audit. IRS has said that an audit does not bar a person from releasing their own tax information. The big mystery is Why He Hasn’t, what convoluted; controversial, colluding issue is he hiding? Whatever it is, it can’t be good.

He managed to pass tax reform that would help him fatten his bank account even more, a huge Bonanza to the Wealthy, with the middle class and those on the lower rung of the ladder paying more. He did this before we had any way of knowing how much he, would stand to gain.

Trump says American people ‘don’t care at all’ about his tax returns, that’s false.

More than one million (1,092,434 ) people had signed a petition created hours after Trump took the oath of office calling for immediate release of his full tax returns (100 thousand is required to trigger a White House Response). In case you missed it, that’s over One Million folks, it is very Clear, that the American people, do care. Still, no Tax Returns,

There have  been more than 150 marches across 48 states and the District of Columbia sending a loud and clear message for Trump to release his Taxes but So far, no Tax Returns.

Republican congressmen Mark Sanford and Walter Jones joined a Democratic-led effort to add their names to a letter signed by nearly all “193 members” of the House Democratic Caucus in calling on both the House and Senate tax oversight committees to request copies of Trump’s complete tax documents from the past decade, but Complicit Republican Congress has made no effort to force Trump to release his Tax Returns.

Back on September 2017 In a 21-14 vote, the tax committee of the House of Representatives rejected another Democratic resolution directing the Treasury Department to provide Congress with the President’s tax returns and other financial information.

If you feel the need to give Trump a pass, and think he’s so cool for getting away with not paying Taxes note to self: he’s an alleged Billionaire, so said he, and you are Not! Trump is a Master Manipulator and sees you as a Pauper at the end of a crack rung on a ladder, that’s where he wants to keep you, that’s why he’s rich and you are not, he stepped on lots of Paupers to get where he’s at.

But if you are still OK with it, as soon as the world of hurt you are about to experience do to Dozens of Signed Executive Orders when Trump was in office, Reversing Policies, with years and in some cases decades of protections for all Americans, the Environment and Health Care kick-in, let us know, how that is working out for you as your air, water and environment becomes more polluted and you can’t afford Medical Care. At least you’ll be Tickle Pink, Happy as a Camper for Trump.

We all have to pay our share of Taxes, a Manipulating, Conniving, Deceiving, and Opportunist like Trump is no exception, time for him to pay up, to stop Reaping, Ripping and Raping the Tax Code and America (pun intended) at our expense.  Share,     Tweet, Comment, Leave a Reply-Blog-Post!

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