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irk-2(Revised). Ralphy V.

Being Americool! No one has the right to muffle Democracy by telling someone else they should or should not continue to express their views or concerns as Robert Reich is doing, a true pioneer of setting things right, if only one care to listen.

Your voice is your greatest asset, more so now than ever, while it is a fact that Trump is by far the least qualified, to ever aspire to hold the highest office on the land, that of the President of the USA, this is Democracy as its best… on the Raw.

Yes you and those that you care for, as well as friends should be concerned about what actions Trump takes or may take on critical issues that may affect you, affect us all, but know this, he now owns it. This is not a reality show, it is real life with real consequences and that’s where you come in, all you have to do is wait until the other shoe drops and drop, it has, many times.

Trump has shown a real adversity for what is Lawful or right unless it benefits him, his Achilles’ heel. Every sensitive/critical legislative action that Trumps take, will have an equal and strong reaction from those groups that such issues affects. Most of what Trump promised in the campaign trail is pie in the sky, aimed to create discomfort, hurt, destroy, set back the hand of progress, that will affect even those that so wholeheartedly still support him, to benefit a few, at the expense of the majority.

It’s true that he might be able to implement a token, or two of some of what he promised in the short term, but along the way he faces an uphill battle, You, The American Public… a Public that is always waiting and will be waiting on the sidelines for not one, but the many Law Breaking mistakes he’s bound to make somewhere along the line (not to mention the many conflict of interest his business may produce as he goes about the business of being president) up and until he’s out of the White House, as well as, “quick on the twitter fingers” Trump, whom will himself, be his own undoing and the Press.

Which brings me to what help push Trump over the finish line and into the White House on the cheap, remember little Marco, Lying Ted? Long gone are the days when reporting the News and the sensationalism that when along with it was the norm, Print Media is dying and for the Press, it is all about how to capture a bigger audience, readership, eyeballs, that is what they (the Press) did when covering the Presidential Campaign and Trump, manipulated and took advantage of it, every chance he got.

All the headlines to come out of his every move balanced things up for Trump, for to the Press, he’s was and still is the gift that keeps on giving in their pursue of the always juice scandalous, sensationalized  headline, and Trump Capitulated on it, but, can you say “Impeachment” in Bold Face Letters? The same Press that gave Trump the unfair advantage over his opponents then, and still rush each time he “Gasp”, is the same Press that’s going to ultimately rush to sensationalize Trumps demise.

So while we all have the right to be a bit squirmy about what damage Trump may inflict on us all, this is Democracy, stay positive, control the situation, Do Not allow the situation to control you, do not lose sight of the bigger picture, Democracy is your light at the end of the tunnel and to those trying to suppress Robert Reich or anyone else from expressing their views, revealing all that Trump is afflicting us and then some, remember that this, is still a Democracy, and that you can still set things right or at the very least back to a normal that can help us all work toward improving what has been taken decades to achieve.

You can do that and much more for you have the power to make changes to what Trump or any public official is afflicting or may be dreaming of afflicting us with, you want change? Remember that on the upcoming elections, come November but already in progress in some states, make your Voice Count, Vote, to make Change happen! Ralphy © 2018 Cool Americool

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Rainbow_flag_and_blue_skies   (Revised)

Long Wolf? “Cowards”, the Right to Bear Arms? Ralphy V.

Let’s Not Glorify their actions . It is a sad day in America for the victims of recent shootings, all the way to the Orlando shooting and previous shootings before that, our Hearst go out to their family.

often under felt more so than in similar incidents, actions such as these are as wrenching to the LGBT Community as any other group or Community that endure such a tragedy, which only serves to embolden the LGBT plight for further recognition and to solidify the progress they had achieve so far, no less.

Human beings, with families that matter to someone, fathers, mothers, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters as well as friends with but only one difference, their gender identity, trying to find support with equal minded individuals on venues that should, and are supposed to be  safe haven of sorts in which to enjoy, pass the time and have a good time, to forget if just for one evening, the world that quite often ostracize others when they do not fit the norm.

49 death and over 50 injured by a lunatic, a 100, does it really matter? The Criminal actions of a “Lone Coward” or “Group of cowards is just that, Unjustified Cowardice!

We should assign proper Moniker to these cowardly individuals, these are not long wolfs; but cowards using high power weapons and homemade bombs (as in the Boston incident) against unsuspecting, innocent victims.

When the press consistently calls these individuals “long wolf” they are in fact Glorifying, contributing to the continuation of such atrocities by such individuals in the future.

This connotation gives anyone with the desire to perpetrate such crimes a sort of notoriety to their action if just by the fact that they are being addressed, labeled or acknowledged as an iconic figure such that of a wolf, as if their self radicalization, in most if not all of these cases, weren’t enough to motivate them to commit such terrible acts, but that’s the press, anything for recurring headlines.

Why would anyone want to glorify such individuals, let’s call them what they really represent, “Cowards”, committing a cowardly act, regardless of whether they act along, or not.

I challenge everyone to do away with addressing these criminals as “long wolfs”, (a disservice to a majestic animal), by  coming up with a better name for these Nuts-cakes so that it does not incentivize, anyone future actions, radicalized or not.

Replace it with what you feel it is the best description for these criminals and use your term whenever the subject comes up for discussion, wherever that discussion may be, it might be a small token to the cause against these crock-pots but one that might make a difference, I’ve got: Lunatic, Coward, Crock-pot, Nut-cake, what do you have?

This is also a testament to the fact that too lapse a law on purchasing and owning a gun has and will continue to have terrible side effects and thus tragic consequences if a, or, some solution is not sought to address this issue and we let big lobby have the upper hand each time the subject is brought up for a vote.

While the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is a Constitutional right, “fully applicable” on all the States, and limits the States on any-and-all regulations and restrictions they choose to take, with Federal Constitutional Rights taking precedent over State, Local and other Laws that regulate the “Right of Lawful Citizens to keep and Bear Arms for self-defense these laws are clearly outmoded and need to be brought up to conform with today’s society and changing environments, at the Federal level.

Not everyone is qualified to own a gun, and while you are allowed to bear arms under the constitution, for “Defense of Self or Home”, nowhere in the Constitution does it say that you have the right to purchase a semi-automatic weapon with armor piercing bullets, military grade weapons primarily designed to kill in a large scale, or that anyone should parade in public places brandishing a firearm scaring the “willies” out of other citizens just so that you can feel superior on the simple fact that you are carrying-conceal a weapon.

When these right to bear arms where enacted no one envisioned such weapons would ever exist, and thus reason why Constitutional Laws should be re-examined or at least evaluated  and new laws, or the amendments of existing laws on the Right to Bear Arms implemented to better conform with societal changes, while preserving the “Right to Bear Arms”, as mandated by the Constitution.

Our hearts goes out to the family and friends of the victims past, recent and God forbid, future incidents, unless we take action on gun control and, though we might not all agree with other individuals religious believes, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and place in the universe, it is OK, that is what makes America, America, the strength and resolve to face challenges head on, it’s what made this nation what it is and will carry it into the Future. Ralphy © 2018  Cool Americool   

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  Where Do You Draw The Line? 

It is easy to pass judgment on an issue that will not go away, the immigration issue. Unless Fair and Strong legislation that must be adhered to, without second guessing its legality and the ability for such legislation to perform that which it was enacted to do (to deal with the issue of entering this country illegally), unless that legislation is not diluted in any shape or form.

True, there are laws on the books specifically dealing with this issue (the illegal aspect of entering this country without going through the system as one should), however, there are gaps, thus reason for the ongoing debate on the issue.

So while that’s getting fixed, let’s not forget the human aspect of this all immigration issue. What to do with those that were born here to parents that entered the country illegally.

Children that while one might argue that it is their parent whom should be held accountable for the end results of their actions, should not be penalized for being born in the only land they come to know as their birth place or home-land, as they (the children) had no choice in the matter.

What to do with those tens of thousands underage children that in an act of desperation by their parents to provide some kind of out, relieve from the clutches of gangs, drugs, violence and even worse, the whole issue of poverty back home, shipped and risked their children lives as well as their children sanity for the chance and hope at a brighter and perhaps at the very least, a better future.

The fact remains that new, well thought-out, stronger legislation dealing with those aspects of the immigration issue would had done away with most of the ongoing debate. It does not help of course, that the countries contributing to these exodus do not do a better job at strengthening their social economic structures, implementing opportunities that will benefit and not hinder the progress of the major population, and at dealing with a pervasive environment within their borders.

It is hard to understand and easy to forget, the plight of the less fortunate unless, you have experience their current social economic impact first hand, in other words, most will just tune-out, switch that channel, for out of sight, out of mind!

One can argue that the grass is not always greener on the other side, citing the level of poverty, and gang violence in certain areas of this country as well.

Unless those issues are addressed in this country and a way to combat and resolve such issues effectively is found, our quick negative view and judgment towards the immigration issue, will always get the best of us, it will all, only be an afterthought, for if you find yourself, family or friends desperate, jobless or destitute, without much hope of a brighter future and or your children future, it is not possible to look at these issues objectively, nor positively… for the first thing to go out the window, is objectivity and compassion.

Watching others make progress and achieve success regardless of legal, illegal status, or, whether originally an US citizen in this country while your immediate economic situation deteriorates, is reason enough not to view someone else hardship on a good light.

But before we start sending those illegal immigrants back to where they came from, you know…, Trenton New Jersey, New York, Chicago Illinois, Tennessee or any other state of the union where their parents illegally came to reside, we should try to come up with legislation solutions that really address the issue or issues without second guessing why such legislation is being applied and plug any holes that stop such from being applied effectively.

Fostering young minds on the importance of a good education toward a relevant awaiting job field also plays an important role on the emigration issue as well, and should be a constant priority from early childhood through the formative years, having a clear path to success and achieving that success will make it possible to give a productive contributor of the system in this ever changing economy objectivity when dealing with important issues, including immigration, such positive outcome will not lend to the believe that someone that entered this country illegally is taking a job position that would of, or  could of otherwise had gone to an US Citizen or a bonafide Legal Immigrant.

It takes a village to implement progress and like it or not, we all have a stake on this issue, every action taken (not just on these issues but on others as well), will create an equally positive or negative reaction and not all pro’s and con’s on the issue will be view positively or be happy results to all, however, as long as we agree to disagree, debates on the issues that lead to a good piece of legislation would add to the strengthening of the democratic system we all come to know and cherish on this country, that’s… where you draw the line! Discuss-Follow.  Ralphy  Cool Americool

This Article may be “Reproduced” by any means (copy, scanned, faxed, post, print etc.), and or distributed, both “offline” and “online”, as long as it’s done for non-commercial and academia purposes. Article must be reproduced in its entirety without alterations or editing. Including this and copyright notice, source of origin: and with Author: Ralphy V Acknowledgement. Please contact us at: if you plan to use Article or any Image/Photo appearing on this article or website in Bulk or for Commercial Purposes. Exerts, or part of Article can only be used, without editing and when quoted in any physical offline or online publication. ©2018

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New Picture (64)  Immigration Act in Law/International Law.  

Immigration legislation in the United States dates back to 1790, where the Naturalization Act of 1790 laid down the rules for naturalized citizenship, as delineated in Article 1, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution. At the time, no restrictions were placed on immigration but citizenship was limited to white persons.

By 1795 and 1798, Naturalization Acts were enacted that required individuals to establish the date of initial residency as well as lengthening the required period of residency before becoming a U.S. citizen. In the 1800s, several legislative acts were enacted that placed restrictions on immigration.

The Page Act of 1875 was the first federal law that prohibited the entry of immigrants considered to be undesirable.  This included anyone from Asia coming to the U.S. as a contract laborer and all people considered convicts in their original country of residency. The Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 became the first race-based immigration legislation that suspended Chinese immigration and the ban was meant to be in existence for 10 years but was not repealed until December 17, 1943 by the Magnuson Act.

The Naturalization Act of 1906 standardized immigration procedures, making some knowledge of English a requirement and also established the Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization.

The Immigration Act of 1917 restricted immigration from Asia by creating an Asiatic Barred Zone and introduced a reading test for all immigrant over the age of 14 years, with children, wives and elderly people excepted and the Emergency Quota Act of 1921 placed annual restrictions on immigration from a given country to 3% of the number of people from that country living in the United States in1910.

The Immigration Act of 1924, or the Johnson-Reed Act, was aimed at freezing immigration of Southern and Eastern Europeans, who seemed to immigrating in big numbers since 1890’s. This ban was also extended to Asians.

The Immigration Act of1924 also established the Nations Origin Formula. This basically stated that total annual immigration was capped at 150,000 individuals and this restriction was only applied to individuals from quota-nations.

The Immigration Act was in full force as a law until 1952 when the law was changed to the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 (or McCarren-Walter Act). This legislation somewhat relaxed immigration from Asia but it gave more power to the government in deporting illegal immigrants suspected of being Communists. This was consistent with anti-Communist tendencies of the time of McCarthyism.

According to some historians, the Immigration Act that really changed the shape and culture of the United States was the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 (or Hart-Cellar Act). This legislation discontinued quotas based on national origins and at the same time, preference was given to those who had U.S. relatives. What this Immigration Act did was invalidate decades of excluding very systematically immigrants coming to the United States from Asia, Mexico, Latin America and other foreign countries and also transformed the culture, economic and demographic distinctiveness of many urban areas.

The United States is a young, democratic republic that is still evolving. As one can plainly see, its policies on immigration have been mixed, from those that were restrictive to those that liberalized our approach to immigration. But it is a nation of immigrants that contribute to the vitality of our culture, our society and innovative spirit. Establishing and enacting immigration laws will always be a part of the U.S. And depending on the times, it will always have its ups. Discuss-Follow.

About the Author-Brent Wood

Immigration Direct has empowered thousands of immigrants to successfully prepared their USIS applications. we make it easy so you can do it yourself. you could work through USCIS forms and requirements on your own, but using immigration direct is easier, more accurate and less stressful. Cool Americool

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