Be afraid, but not very afraid

Be afraid, but not very afraid. A Note about COVID-19:

It is alright to be afraid of this virus, not to the extent of being totally paralyzed, but afraid enough to be alert, on guard, conscious enough of what is happening, where is happening and what’s at stake, ready to take what actions or precautions need to be taken to reduce the chance of contamination more now than ever as Heath Officials expect a worse than expected Virus Outbreak by Fall.

When you know the enemy (serving in the Arm Forces gives you a whole new perspective of what fright is, and how to best face it, if you just keep your cool) and fright enters the picture one tends to take notice, make more careful, selected, conscious, rational decisions than not, that can help you survive to fight another day when staying level headed, those that feel not afraid and or indifferent, tend to let their guard down, with disastrous consequences, Florida, as well as other large gathering currently on the News that had contributed to an increase of Virus outbreak on some areas comes to mind.

While following CD Guidelines is extremely important, there are a few basic rules one must keep on mind.

  • Always Assume that anyone around you has COVID-19, for even those with the disease may not know they have it.
  • Stay safe, when at home, after handling mail/packages, if possible, disinfect spray these items, wash your hands after decontamination, while there could be minimum Virus contamination on packaging according to latest research any amount however small is still too much.
  • Use Hand Sanitizer or carry disinfectant wipes in a small zip lock bag and if possible, quarter  paper towel sheets folded in half in another to wipe disinfected surfaces and your hands afterwards, when handling surfaces outside your home
  • Before leaving your home, place a plastic bag (like the one you get at the grocery store) inside another similar bag, place above zip lock bags and extra plastic bag in it. Second bag is to dispose of gloves, or, to isolate mask when using a re-usable mask, after shopping.
  • Go farther, stay 7’ apart (contrary to initial reports, COVID-19 can travel considerable farther, than initially thought) to avoid risking contamination
  • If possible, use gloves when shopping, grab product from the back on a shelve as those on the front likely had been touched or breathed on by a contaminated individual, or individual not caring about these guidelines, dispose of gloves when exiting the store or when you come across a trash can (most stores have trash cans-receptacles outside the store, but some don’t, do not bring gloves back home).
  • Be Safe, use a Mask, it is not about rights  red or blue, is not political, it’s about a Health Crisis, your health and the health of others when out and about (you have the right not to be contaminated by others with the  Virus, just as others have an equal right, not to be contaminated by others)
  • Contrary to CDC guidelines, a mask doe not only protect others, but you as well from airborne droplets, think about it, common sense dictate that while a regular cloth mask protect others from your droplets, that same mask, to certain extent, might, or will protect you, or reduce airborne  contamination by others.
  • KN95 (similar to N95) Masks: these Mask have a 5 layer filtering sheets-system, one carbon, sandwiched together to form your KN95 Mask, the 95 on an N95 and KN95 indicates how much it filters or 95% of germs, Viruses, it filters the smallest particles and other contaminants, thus reason why it’s preferred by the Medical Community. Use yours when visiting a Medical facility, Clinic or any critical area where you feel is safer to use a KN95 (dispose of afterward). Use Clothe Masks for everywhere else.
  • Always Pull mask off by ear straps, never by the front of the mask
  • Disinfect your mask (KN95 masks) if not wore on a Medical facility, Contrary to CDC, N95 Masks can be re-used, just follow these tips: spray disinfect when possible (as disinfectant sprays have become scarce and hard to find), the front of your mask. Wipe the other side, side you breathe on, with a disinfectant wipe, or wipe both sides, if there’s no disinfectant spray.
  • Place-expose front side of your mask in an area facing the sun (the sun is a great disinfectant, and proven very efficient when disinfecting a mask) for at least one hour and half, preferably two at a minimum, flip, do the same with the other side, wash your hands, following this simple steps allows you to re-use a KN95 mask countless times until mask starts showing wear, or you feel it needs to be replace.
  • When dealing with fruits and vegetables: Fill a container with one gallon of water and one drop of dish washing liquid in it, mix thoroughly, place your veggies and or fruits in water, hand wash, dump water, refill container with fresh clean water, wash any soapy solution off, dry with paper towel
  • According to the CDC Virus can survive on: Metal-plastic surfaces 3 days, glass 4 days and cardboard for 24 hours.
  • Cans-glass, items hermetically sealed: Disinfect spray, wipe with paper towel
  • Box  items: Wipe surfaces with disinfectant wipe, wipe dry immediately, with paper towel afterwards
  • When having relatives or acquaintances over, unless you know for sure they have been following CDC and proper Safety guidelines wear a mask, guess should as well. Wear mask up to 30 minutes after visits leave, unless you have plenty ventilation such as open windows which might disperse virus reducing chance for contamination.
  • If a relative or guess shows to be sick regardless of illness you both should wear a mask to reduce chances of contamination up to 30 minutes after guess leaves.

We can ride this COVID-19 Pandemic by following these simple, basic rules and staying up to date with CDC Guidelines, being afraid of the Virus will keep you alert, to stay safe. Discuss, Like, Share, follow. 

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