BIG MONEY on P…Y Grabbing,


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BIG MONEY on P…Y Grabbing, GET YOURS. Plus, The Masturbator, Terminator.

Does Sexual Misconduct-Harassment Pays? If so perhaps you may want to reconsider Careers and draw Lessons from the following Peas on a Pod, they racked up Millions, laughing it all the way to the bank when caught and on exit or, in the case of Trump, the Biggest Price of all.

So how much does Sexual Misconduct Pays? With a “$40 million exit package”, Sweet Honey of a Deal. Roger Ailes (RIP), allegations of sexual harassment, as far back as the 1960s didn’t do terribly bad on his way out.

The Masturbator, Terminator “25 Million Man” Bill O’Reilly walked off into the sunset with enough money to fill up many a “Piggy Banks” and Personal Fantasies. According to a Times report, O’Reilly’s history of harassment, includes phoning women while apparently Masturbating, trying to lure them to his hotel rooms, lewd remarks, trying to kiss them, and Hampering their Careers when they rebuffed him.

Trump is still facing SEXUAL ASSAULT and SEXUAL HARRASSMENT LAWSUITS. Not sure how he’s going to take that to the Bank in addition to the White House but with so many business interests “Good” or “Bad” Publicity its worth Millions to Trump. He wins “Huuge” even when loosing. Only in “America”, What a Country!          Share     Tweet. 

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