Decision You Make

Decision You Make Have Real Consequences.

More than 204,486 people in the U.S. have died due to complications from the Coronavirus, according to data from the Johns Hopkins University dashboard. Not impressed?

When you defy the Laws of averages, eventually, averages will bear fruit, in other words, playing Russian roulette with the Pandemic defying CD Guidelines by congregating in any type of groups with testing in short supply, currently only given to a chosen group (First Responders, Medical Providers etc.), no vaccine yet and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) in short supply, not adhering to or following simple CDC Guidelines to keep you and those you care about out of harm’s way, will eventually rush a COVID-19 bullet into the chamber, of that barrel, there’s no do over’s.

Once caught, Even if you were lucky enough to survive the Virus, the damaged COVID-19 will do to your system will be substantial. Virus can directly infiltrate and damage the brain, increase the risk of future illnesses, including heart attack, stroke, kidney disease and a host of other health and physical problems, according to several studies as per an article published on an Apr. 8, 2020 –of a Science’s COVID-19 report, supported by the Pulitzer Center.

This, as with other Pandemics, will pass, question is, will you be around to tell your children (those not born yet) and grand children about it by ignoring some common sense CDC Guidelines?

Luck, is but a game of chance, how lucky do you feel? Don’t take chances with your life and that of your loved ones, Stay Home, 7’ apart, wear a mask, (and if possible Safety goggles around someone with a suspicious cough) as per CDC Guidelines, and you just might live to talk about it! Share, Like, Comment, Ralphy


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