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Delusional Theories and Imaginary Hocus Pocus Information Station.

Should a TV Broadcaster be allowed to be a Megaphone for a particular Party, let alone a President, to amplify a message regardless of how “Positive or Negative” which would help influence a Political, or Radical Agenda? Should New Laws be passed to Ban the practice?

Trump and his lot of Fake News, Falsehood Peddlers Now constantly gravitate to Fox News which really should be rename “Delusional Theories and Imaginary Hocus Pocus Information Station”, what… too long?

Giving them a platform to spew Falsehoods, Conspiracy Theories and Dangerous Rhetoric while “Endangering” public safety.

Hardened Criminals, Unknown Middle Easterners (Fox & Friends host Pete Hegseth Falsehood). Democrats want caravans, Democrats are paying members of the caravan to try and get into the US to harm Republicans in the midterms, they’re hardened criminals, and they are from the Middle East, ISIS (Trump).

But wait, Falsehoods gets better, with the latest by Fox contributor and former immigration agent David Ward; Asylum Seekers are Carrying Leprosy, TB (Tuberculosis), Smallpox. Never mind that this disease was eradicated (as The Daily Beast Noted), wiped out almost 40 years ago with the last known case in 1997, in Somalia.

Aiding and Abetting? Later Charles Payne of Fox’s Press Office clarified issue for readers failing to mention ridiculous Smallpox comment (can you feel the sarcasm) by David Ward.

Sidney Powell (Fox Contributor), suggesting that migrants were responsible for current outbreak of Acute Flaccid Myelitis or AFM afflicting children, before Lou Dobbs corrected her on air.

While not all of Fox Hosts or Newscasters are in the Falsehood Wagon, there’s a cadre of miss informants that reside at this network, never mind that correction and clarifications are made, once their putrid falsehood airs, the damage is done and they know this, for, that damage creates ratings regardless of whether it incites the dark side of the population to act on their impulses, a Public Hazard, endangering Public Safety.

Should Falsehood Trash News Peddlers be investigated, held responsible and prosecuted for inciting however small, a segment of the population, waiting for just the right incendiary words to act, for inciting Violence? Freedom of speech shouldn’t be a tool to increase Ratings at Public Expense.

Perhaps New Laws should be enacted to Ban the practice, there should be a High Price to pay for disseminating False Information and Inciting Violence; the latest tragic high profile incidents are a testament as to why, it, should not be treated as a normal. Comment, Like, Share, Follow.        Share      Tweet

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