When you are constantly creating and want to Create Panic but claim otherwise to benefit re-election campaign, for Distraction of a Failed Presidency and Failed Policies, that could of had saved over 50,000 lives from the Corona-virus and God’s only know how many more come this Fall.

Anyone with an ounce of Brain will see how catastrophic 4 more years of Trump’s presidency will be 204,486 (as of 9,26. 2020) Mom’s, Dad’s, Grandparents, Uncles, Aunts, Nephews, Nieces and Friends, as well as all those Children taken by the Virus, do not have a say, a choice any longer …, but, those of us left behind, do!

Now is the time when you put Partisan Politics aside and think, really think whether, you want to live in a Democracy or a Chaotic, Totalitarian Dictatorship benefiting a few with the little guy always left behind as have been shown and documented throughout history, and no, not voting and or voting for “Kanye” or any other obscure candidate just because you do not like the alternative will not put a brighter future, in your future, it will be a ruinous choice to an already desperate, Pandemic situation.

Just ask yourself if the heat of a chant at a Cult like following, with a Delusional candidate (now president), no plan to improve your shot at a better, brighter future, that failed to keep or meet Promises made, is constantly twisting, enhancing the truth (and no… Mexico is not paying for the wall no matter how many times Trump repeats that falsehood, you and I are), is what would do it for you and your family, or, do you really care about improving the odds in your favor?

You have clear choices and do not get to blame the others and or the system if you err in judgment. Democracy is at stake; let’s take a page from the past so that same past mistakes are not repeated. Like, comment, share, follow. 

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