Trump has made it his business to do away-fired or discredit those that do not agree with him, would he like you better if you still do not agree with his policies and he gets another Four Years? When you do not Vote or Vote for a “lesser of two Evils” you relinquish, cede power to a candidate not deserving the highest Office on the land (Trump anyone?), which will eventually affect You, Your Family, Health and Financial Stability, don’t think it matters or would make a difference?

Democrat Marcus Morton won the 1839 Massachusetts gubernatorial election by just one vote, winning again in 1842 by a single vote in the state legislature.

Buffalo, New York’s 1910, on a contest for congressional district, Democrat Charles B. Smith won against incumbent De Alva S. Alexander by a single vote, a later recount increased that margin slightly and…

…According to a Wikipedia list of close election results; on a 2001 study of state and federal elections in the United States between 1898 – 1992, “one of every 100,000 votes cast in U.S. elections, and one of every 15,000 votes cast in state elections, “mattered” in the sense that they were cast for a candidate that officially tied or won by one vote!

No, you should not Care if a candidate likes you, it’s totally irrelevant, after all you are but one of many Voices, but together many Voices can send a subtle message when lives are not being improved you are hurting economically and futures look less than bright and promising; I will exercise my Constitutional Rights to get someone that’ll do right by me, it is my Voice which I will exercise on election day.

Every Vote Counts… You Want Change, your Economical Odds to improve? For Change to Happen, You Must Vote…, Vote!  Like, comment, share, follow.

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