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HYSTERIA OVERLOAD! FAILING EXPERIMENT! Would there be Bloodshed due to Trump’s Inciting an Arm Uprising by Local Militias as well as those itching, trigger happy at the opportunity to bring about a unjustifiable violent action to an Imaginary threat once Asylum Seekers reach the US Border?

It will truly be a Dark Day in America, a stain on this country image, one that will be remembered on the History books forever.

Folks with no future back home and the only solution to their plight is to seek refuge in a country that have become more Hostile each day that goes by, by those that want to hang-on onto an ideology not longer acceptable on this day and age, exclusion of others for the sole reason than the color of their skin, religion belief, or lifestyle through the Bigoted Actions and Misguided Rhetoric’s of a self proclaimed Nationalist, Racist Leader. Women and Small Children, Nursing Mothers a Threat, Terrorists? Truly No Shame!

It seems that with this administration all sense of compassion and openness that has been the Hallmark of this Nation left the room, gone out the window, for it to be the Richest Nation in the World leading by example is now a Forgone Conclusion, this country has shown with this administration to be no longer a bastion of right, over wrong.

We can set the record straight that this has and will always be a Nation of Immigrants, that regardless of a few that still want to hang on to a past that has no future so dictated by and with the conclusion of the Civil War, this country is, and will always be, the Land of Opportunities for those that want to embrace what it truly stands for, earned through its many struggles, changes, turbulent at times and yet, never lacking character, it is what makes America the Greatest Country in the World. On Tuesday, November 3, 2020,  exercise your Constitutional Rights; Vote! Comment, Like, Share, Follow. Ralphy   Share      Tweet

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