Well Over 500,000 “INDIVIDUALS”, Ten of Thousand of DEATHS, a HOLOCAUST no one’s talking about or even… seems to want to acknowledged WHY?

More Deaths than in the Civil War and or World War I, II, More than in all American wars since1945 combined.

To put it into context, According to a CNBC Health and Science report More Americans died from COVID-19 than from Parkinson’s disease, breast cancer, the flu and pneumonia, heart attacks, Alzheimer’s disease, and lung cancer combined since COVID-19 first was identified in the US on January 20/2020 further yet, think, according to an ABC News

…Kansas City, Missouri (Population 495,327), the Country of Belize (420,000) completely wiped out by COVID-19 and Crisis… is not over yet!

With thousands more expected to succumb to the disease in the coming months, with CDC identifying at least three mutant virus some of which have been shown to be more transmissible than the dominant strain.

But by now, above info most likely does not register much with most Folks as most people have become desensitized to real impact of the Pandemic when constantly hearing or seeing this on the news and other outlets, it becomes redundant, info overload, out of sight out of mind unless directly impacted by the disease.

Not like other diseases. Most victims to the Virus died in isolation away from loved ones compounding the tremendous grief already inflicted on those that lost someone to the Virus. Most Love Ones, never got or get to say goodbye!

A Tragedy that could of have had being better dealt with, with different outcomes, less loss of lives. Tragedy inflicted in this country by a Self Absorbed, Power Monger, Delusional (trying to overturn the most secure, bi-partisan Election in the history of the United States), leader whom lack of urgency and Irrational approach, exacerbated the worst Health Crisis facing the USA.

1) Underestimating the seriousness of the Virus in Public while acknowledging it in documented private conversations with Bob Woodward (April 5th and April 13 th 2020)

2) Initially refusing to order the production of Personal Protective Equipment (Masks), lying about the need for such PPE, for weeks, wasting valuable time on the earliest days of the Virus that could of have had being use to contain it saving Thousands of lives.

3) Admitting (see number 1-Bob Woodward), and according to Glenn Kirschner FMR. Federal Prosecutor whom feel as a former prosecutor (on a Sept. 10/2020 broadcast) that Trump could be legally responsible as he Consciously Disregarded the extreme risk (Trump) was creating to others (the American Public), which would create death or serious bodily injuries leading to Criminal charges for Trump.

4) Complete, premeditated and utter disregard for the seriousness of the Virus (documented through his texts, rallies at white house briefings among others, rather than taking an initial pro-active approach), instead questioning the need for large quantities of Critical Protective Gear and or Medical Supplies essential for the fight against the Virus by Medical Providers in highly infected or affected areas since the start of the Pandemic, when needed most.

5) The barrage of constant Mixed Messages and Misinformation by Trump and his aiding and abetting group of Republicans cronies.

6) Refusing to wear a Mask or to Validate wearing of such even after it was recommended by Dr. Anthony Fauci and the CDC, Weaponising-Politicizing mask wearing, making Mask wearing a Political issue rather than a Health issue which eventually prompted lockdowns.

Due to over abundance of documented proof against Trump, the question still remains, why has there not being talks about Criminally charging Trump with second degree murder for the Thousands of individual Deaths directly attributed to him and his lack of, and irresponsible response to the crisis, HOLOCAUST he created, the HOLOCAUST no one seems to want to talk about? If the shoe was on a Democrat other foot, that Democrat would of have had being charged, put through trial and convicted… already!

Trump created Crisis through lack of initial response, Expend weeks underestimating it, Undermined Proper response, exacerbated the Crisis and Admitted to seriousness, but no-one in or out of Political Circles is yet holding Trump responsible.

The end result of his ineptitude? Well over Half a Million Individual Deaths, not just a number, real people, human beings, whether Republican or Democrat if you fail to see the gravity of this Tragedy, letting Trump waltz into the sunset as if nothing happened will make it inconsequential and excusable for him, and others to try and do the same in the future, they would expect no consequences for their actions, so why stop there?

Where’s the Outrage, the Cry for Justice for over 500,000 Individual Deaths, and sadly, more yet to come? 500,000 is a Powerful Voice, a voice that can resonate Loud and Clear from Coast to Coast through those they left behind to grief their loss, they and all those Outrage by this Incredible Tragedy should sent a clear message to their Local and State Officials and Representatives, that you expect this kind of behavior to be dealt with and Prosecuted, to the extent of the Law only then, Justice and the Rule of Law will prevail!

Our Hearts go out to all of those that lost a Love one, to this Tragedy. Like, Comment, Share  Ralphy   

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