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Am an American, Where Yours, is a Developing American History, whether Your Ancestor Came on the Mayflower long ago, were Born and Raised here in the good old USA or just arrived, no matter what part of the USA you come from – North, South, East West… the World, Welcome! 

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  HYSTERIA OVERLOAD-FAILING EXPERIMENT! Would there be Bloodshed due to Trump’s Inciting an Arm Uprising by Local Militias as well as those itching, trigger happy at the opportunity to bring about a unjustifiable violent action to an Imaginary threat once Asylum Seekers reach the US Border?   Share  Tweet

  ARE YOU ABOUT TO LOSE YOUR BENEFITS? Your Social Security, Medicare, Pre-Existing Condition Coverage?   Share  Tweet

  How to win an Election, Cheat Steal… Lie!  It seems that in each Election the only way Republicans win is if they Cheat;  Gerrymander, with Vote Suppression, Voter ID legislations to discourage Minorities….   Share  Tweet

   Just Turned of Voting Age?  Take charge, Put Down the Nintendo Mario and Pokémon, the Beauty Kit, if just for one brief afternoon, evening, and on Your way out to the Mall, text Your friends, tell them that you are heading to Your nearest Polling Place first, to Experience the Best Trill…   Share  Tweet  

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  HOW MANY IS ENOUGH? BLOOD IS ON THEIR HANDS! How is it that the Law Strictly Prohibits an under-aged teenager from buying liquor, but makes it Legal for that same under-aged Teenager to buy any kind of Gun, and as Much Ammunition…   Share      Tweet 

  Are you winning yet? Are you Tired of Winning? Is Losing, Winning?   Share      Tweet

  FOR SALE; TRUMP-SENATE-HOUSE REPUBLICANS! Do we have a Gun Problem? Does Trump blaming Democrats and Barack Obama for gun control legislation holds water?   Share      Tweet


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  SMOKES AND MIRRORS, REPUBLICAN CON! The AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE BEING MADE A FOOL OF! So many Investigations, so many cooks in the kitchen…   Share      Tweet 

  CONNIVING, HYPOCRITES’: REPUBLICANS!  Hiding the Truth, Manipulators, Underhandedly and Shamelessly Changing the Rules when they do Not Like the… Results…   Share      Tweet 


  Trump’s Manifesto; If we win on November 8th, we are going to Washington, D.C. – when we win, OK – and we are going to drain the swamp.” Translation: the entire corrupt…   Share      Tweet 

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  Grab Them By the…, Are the Walls of Sexual Allegations closing in on Trump? Trump has been accused of objectifying women and saying offensive, degrading things about them…   Share      Tweet 

  Elected republicans Aiding and Abetting “Bad seed” in the White House!  Trump has accumulated a significant amount of possible Impeachable offenses…   Share      Tweet


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   SHAMEFUL LEGISLATION! House GOPs passed the Worst Piece of Hurtful Legislation on the Middle Class and Poor ever. Remember their names in upcoming election…   Share      Tweet 

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   The Leaker in the House. Much has been made about Leaks and yet the most prolific Leak-er in the White House seems to escape scrutiny.   Share      Tweet 

  Trump has made up his mind to release the Nunes memo regardless of…   Share      Tweet


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    AMERICAN CARNAGE-NATION UNDERSIEGE ANARCHY NEXT? Donald Trump portrayed a bleak image of a “Nation Under Siege”…   Share      Tweet 

  IS TRUMP A BACKSTABBER? It has been establishedthat working for Trump has a Short Shelf Life…   Share      Tweet 

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