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Am an American, Where Yours, is a Development American History, whether Your Ancestors Came on the Mayflower long ago, were Born and Raised here in the good old USA or just arrived, no matter what part of the USA you come from – North, South, East, West… nor, what part of the World, be Yourself, Express Your Heritage, Diversity and Individuality just be… Americool, Welcome! 

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Trump Reached his Milestone and then some! Did TRUMP DESERVE ANOTHER FOUR YEARS, FOUR MINUTES? OVER 648,467  COVID-19 DEATHS, AND COUNTING, Beg to Differ! Not just a number…    Read More      Share  


IS TRUMP “MENTALLY STABLE” ? Violating, trampling on the Oath they took before taking office or not living up to Their Oath to Uphold the Constitution is a false oath…, called perjury, impeachable! But acting irrational or psychological…   Read More      Share  

Trump said that he had no intention to leave the White House, after trying and failing to overthrow, the New, Legally Elected President (Joe Biden), it would of had been nice to see him being evicted when the time came…, pity!


Coup? Would be Traitors to Democracy – Constitution, the Rule of Law come in many stripes, some subtle, same goals to overthrow the Government. Just, create a conflict; Trump did on January 6th…Read moreShare  


Will the Unsuspecting Fly, get COVID-19? Judging by the way things are going at the White House…    Read More      Share  

Would you be facing Financial Armageddon – WHERE ARE THE LYSOLS? For months now it has proven to be quite a task trying to find some Lysol Spray and Wipes, you have a better chance at winning the Lottery…   Read More     Share  

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Study finds N-95 Masks Can be Sanitized!


KARMA is a BITCH! Ignoring Science for self Gratification at the Expense of AMERICA, Comes with Consequences!…   Read More       Share 

Delusional is their game, would Reality ever set in?


 Memories of a Bi gone, Bigoted Era should stay, well… Bi gone for it only serve to rekindle a past that needs not be revisited!


Is Anyone Above the Law? Not if the People have something to say about it and, spoken they have!

The Failure to Lead (by Trump), is being Measured on Lives Lost, so far, that’s 648,467 (as of 09-05-2021)! 100,000 to 200,000 Deaths was OK with Trump, according to him, means that he would had done a very good job, think of that for a moment, can you even quantify in your mind the insanity of such statement, let along…    Read More      Share  


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LIAR, LIARS, PANTS ON FIRE! Republicans in both the House and the Senate have made it their mission to take Your Insurance away…    Read More     Share 



To get Your Base Rile Up, Lie, Lie and then…, keep Lying some more! Trying to gain Political Leverage Trump…Read More     Share 

Truth, Master Manipulator.       Read More       Share  

What Irks America! Remember this day. 


Big Money on P…Y Grabbing, GET YOURS. Plus, The Masturbator Terminator…       Read More     Share   

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New Americool Line

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