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Am an American, Where Yours, is a Development American History, whether Your Ancestors Came on the Mayflower long ago, were Born and Raised here in the good old USA or just arrived, no matter what part of the USA you come from – North, South, East, West… nor, what part of the World, be Yourself, Express Your Heritage, Diversity and Individuality just be… Americool, Welcome! Please Support our: Drive for Medical #Protective Gear Fundraising!

Your Donation big or small will Help our Medical Professionals and First Res ponders on the #Front Lines against COVID-19.


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Help Speed Graphics-Am an American secure badly needed Face Masks and other Protective Gear for our Heroes in the front lines against the COVID-19 Pandemic.… Keep the Flame on! Your Donation will provide sorely needed supplies to Medical Professionals and First Res ponders across the USA, where most badly needed, it will give them continuous strength on their Mission, pledge your support  “Donate”. 

Together we will make a difference!

   us address, and preferred Patriotic Pin to: gave@amanamerican.com (address will not be shared, used only to ship your Patriotic Pin). Thanks for your support Speed Graphics-Am an American.

We are in this together, we all can make a difference. Please read.

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How many will suffer and Die because of Trump’s lack of leadership and his administration six weeks delay to address and their in-com-pe-tence, inability inefficiency in dealing with the Coronavirus? It’s going to be a bumpy ride so, stay safe, Stay Home (if you don’t really need to go out), keep your Social distance according to the CDC, and keep those with underlying conditions, prone to be most susceptible to the virus on mind as you hunker down and re-adjust to this New Normal, Am an American.


Let’s Do it again!




MISUSING THE ARM FORCES FOR POLITICAL PURPOSES!The Trump Administration will forever be remembered as A Failed…  Share 


Found them, Terrorists! A Shameful, Sad day in American History has come to pass…  Share


Sleeping with the Enemy …Share

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