Violating, trampling on the Oath they took before taking office or not living up to Their Oath to Uphold the Constitution is a false oath…, called perjury, impeachable!

But acting irrational or psychological impaired while discharging the duties of the office is a totally different animal.

So far Trump has failed to live up to his obligations to “Protect”, faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, to the best of his Ability, to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States while acting more and more Irrational or Psychological Impaired, Mentally Unstable, Delusional each day that goes by.

Downplaying the Pandemic while not providing the necessary critical “Testing and Tracing” but rather a piece meal approach with little impact on the overall fight against COVI-19, while criticizing, undermining, denigrating, those that did not agree with him, including his own Health Officials…, insert “Psychological Impaired” here.

Holding a Super Spreader event at the White House with no Social Distance and no Masks which infected 34 with COVID-19, including Trump and then not being Transparent with the American People as to when he actually caught the Virus (a mystery for Trump and his Personal Physician refused to provide this information), and how serious, only to again mislead the public with Falsehoods when released from Medical Care stating Virus Not serious, 215,085 Deaths due to COVI-19, with tens of thousands attributed to him due to his mishandle of the fight against the Pandemic beg to differ. Insert “Delusional” here

Holding Rallies again and again with no Social Distance and or Masks, Not caring whether anyone else gets infected. Insert “Irrational” here.

Giving the Russians a pass at every turn, only taking a few actions not amounting to much in term of sanctions, Vladimir Putin is very grateful for his leading KOMPROMAT or… “Useful Idiot”, Thank you very much (perhaps Putting should send him a Babushka Nesting Doll as a Thank you gift!) while in the foreign front, alienating US allies making this country more vulnerable to foreign bad actors, insert “Irrational” here.

Passing a tax break that mostly benefited the rich, tab to be pick-up by the next generation and possibly their children and their children-children, insert “Irrational here.

Moving the goal pole farther along with Mitch Mc Connell, each time a new proposal for a Coronavirus Relief Package is offered by Congress at first saying he was not going to participate, pivoting back to he will be up for even a bigger package, now with talks at an impasse again as Senate Republicans are death set against the relief package approved by Trump. Never mind that millions are in desperate need for another Relief Package with Thousand of Businesses going under due to the Pandemic and no Relief in sight… insert, “Mentally Unfit” here!

Attacking, berating his own Attorney General William Barr, who has served him well and whom keeps sidestepping norms at the Justice Department on Trump’s behalf (as well as other misconducts), which according to an article on “Bloomberg” (October 12-2020), Barr has undermined public confidence in the Justice Department, with Two groups promoting ethics in government accusing Barr of Violating Laws-Hatch Act (also obstruction of justice) laws which forbids government officials from using their offices to support a particular candidate in an election, calling for Barr impeachment, insert “Mentally Unstable” here!

Each day Inundating Social media with avalanche of bizarre tweets, insert “Mentally Unstable” here.

Spreading Falsehoods, Conspiracy Theories, half true’s and the likes make Trump Irrational, Psychological Impaired, Mentally Unstable and Delusional all roll into one, at least, that is what he would like you to believe, he does it so often that it becomes truth on the mind of his followers, with one big difference he does it with only one purpose, to always tilt or affect the outcome on his favor, the ultimate Con Man.

More often than not Trump and the Legislative majority much rather be dancing with the devil constantly violating, trampling on the Oath they took. Yet, his Irrational or Psychological Impaired, Mentally Unstable, Delusional behavior constantly on display he likes to portray points to the need for serious consideration of Impeachment under Article 25th of the constitution.

While we need a stable hand on the White House, we certainly do not need an “Unstable Genius Wannabe”. Perhaps is all a “Ruse” and he will plead Insanity (he certainly seems to be preparing the grounds for that eventuality) to avoid being held responsible for all his “Misdeeds” Past and Present in the end, after leaving office, a win-win for him, Should Trump be impeached? Like, comment, share, follow. Ralphy Valderrama


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