Just Turned of Voting Age?


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Just Turned of Voting Age?  

Take charge, Put Down the Nintendo Mario and Pokémon, the Beauty Kit, if just for one brief afternoon, evening, and on Your way out to the Mall, text Your friends, tell them that you are heading to Your nearest Polling Place first, to Experience the Best Trill in the World, that of Voting for the First Time!

It’s Your Right. Show that You Value the unique privilege bestowed upon You as a US Citizen, The Right to Vote, be counted. Time to show the Nation that You care and care about Your Future and that of Your Loved Ones, that since the Grownups are not willing and able to go the Extra Mile for Your Safety and a stable Peaceful, Prosperous Future You are taking action not just for You but also for Your Younger Sibling (s), Your Family Future.

Show that You, just turning of Voting age, have enough Power, to make a difference, to make change happen, show the Powers that be that it is No longer, Business as usual, Vote as if Your Future depends on it, for if you or anyone in Your Family has a Pre Existing Condition, it does. If You are tired of Mass Shootings and want Gun control Legislation, it does. Time to head to the Polls, make Your Voice heard, Your Vote Counts. Tell Your Friends, Spread the Word, Text, Hash tag it, on Tuesday, November 3, 2020 Elections, make Your Vote and Voice count again, Vote!       Share      Tweet 

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