KARMA is a BITCH! Ignoring Science for self Gratification at the Expense of AMERICA,

Comes with Consequences!

According to CNN,Two staffers who attended President Donald Trump’s rally in Tulsa Oklahoma, back on the middle of June, on that Saturday tested positive for coronavirus.

“After another round of testing for campaign staff in Tulsa, two additional members of the advance team tested positive for COVID-19. Even though these staff members attended the rally but were wearing masks during the entire event. This prompted the campaign to immediately activated established quarantine and contact tracing protocols,” Trump campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh told CNN in a statement.
These two positive tests, first reported by CNBC, bring the total number of Trump advance team staffers in Tulsa who tested positive for coronavirus to eight.

Prior to that and according to the New York Times; Trump administration was racing to contain an outbreak of the Coronavirus inside the White House, as some senior officials believe that the disease is already spreading rapidly through the West Wing

President Trump Personal Valet, 11 White House Secret Service as well as 60 other staff members are now self quarantining along with 3 Top CDC Directors including Dr. Anthony Fauci, it does Not get any closer than this when emphasizing the seriousness of the COVID-19 Virus, is Trump paying attention? Probably Not!

The White House has the best Medical unit, getting tested Every Day, staying Safe while the rest of America, No so much.

If left up to Trump, all of this is of non-consequential to his self interest for he is now more concerned with re-opening the Economy than on how many might succumb to this Pandemic, in other words, you are on your own!

There’s a great disconnect with America when it comes to Trump whom is more interested in the “What’s in it for me” approach, at the present there’s not enough testing or a solid plan for a robust one, testing while increased in certain areas of the country is not and will not be if at all at capacity for months if at all do to the lack of testing kits thereof and of components that make those testing possible with “contact tracing” a distant second all of which could put a realistic handle on this Pandemic.

There’s no real plan by the Trump administration moving forward to reopening the Economy. Key words here, there’s “No Plan for Success” to re-opening and more of a shoot from the hips approach to solve an Economy in crisis let along the Pandemic for before this can happen there’s need to be a Plan to Solving the Pandemic or we’ll not only go back to square one but will be in a worse place.

All the progress will be for naught with an exponentially dramatic upsurge in the death toll due to COVID-19 and a relapse of the Economy, so, do you think Trump cares? On 04/29/2020 Trump stated that: 100,000 to 200,000 means that he would had done a good job, we are now currently at 247,645 total Deaths in the USA more than reaching his goal to claim another first for him.

More important than the Virus itself, In times like these, people is looking for Empathy something Trump and his administration and majority of Republicans lack, the fear of America about COVID-19 is real-palpable and will drive Americans Economic decision and realization that change at the top must happen in order for change and progress to take place if we are to control this Epidemic and revive the Economy, Karma is a Bitch! Comment, Like, Share Ralphy 

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