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To get Your Base Rile-UP, Lie, Lie, and then…, keep Lying some more! 

There’s no evidence that Democrats, donors or political Sources are providing financial support to caravan for political gain. As Always, and more Now than Ever, trying to gain Political Leverage Trump Fabricated this Conflicting, Conspiracy Theory Narrative peddled by Florida congressman Matt Gaetz, and on Fox by Pete Hegseth whom stated this Falsehood on Fox & Friends, all of which have already been Debunked and, by the fact, that there are many Journalists from a wide range of political backgrounds traveling with the caravan, none of which have seen evidence of Trump’s allegations.

These Folks are in search of a Little  bit of Hope for their future and that of their children, no less than what you or I wish for ours, fleeing violence and poverty in their country, putting themselves and their children through and enduring a perilous journey to make it to the US.

The immigration Laws need to be change, brought up to speed for Today so that they can better reflect and conform to societal changes and to better address issue such as what is currently unfolding, but this administration is not interest on solid policies that would make a difference. This Trump administration is more interested on chaos and divisiveness, is what feeds his base and what Trump feels will keep him in power for another four years.

There’s no such thing, as the Administration puts it, that these folks are trying to enter the US Illegally, their journey is well known and well documented, they are simply seeking asylum just as past immigrant group have done for decades in the past, to treat, these or any other group as criminal for Political Gains or use the present system to make criminal out of them so that then, they can be deny entry is, in and of itself, Criminal. Let’s not forget, unless you are a Native American, that we are a Nation of Immigrants, does that make us all, Criminals?      Share       Tweet 

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