Liar, Liars


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Liar, Liars Pants on Fire!

Research by the Urban Institute has identified health insurance coverage as a chief driver of indebtedness.

Translation: You most likely than not will be going into Debt, possibly face Bankruptcy due to Medical, and Hospital Bills as People who have health insurance tend to be less likely to fall behind on their bills.

All Republicans in both the House and the Senate have made it their mission in life to take Your Insurance, Your ACA (Affordable Care Act, also known as ObamaCare), Health insurance away, they have done everything in their power to Undermine, Undercut, Erode and seriously Minimize its Value-Benefits by introducing Legislations that nibbles-ships Away at ACA-ObamaCrare all to Benefit themselves and the Big Insurance Companies as well as Lobbyist they serve.

They Do Not Care let me “Repeat” that, Republicans DO NOT CARE about Your, or Your Loved Ones Pre-Existing Conditions let along “Your”, or Your Loved Ones Future Financial Stability.

After Years of trying to Destroy ACA (ObamaCare), they finally realized that “Crap”, Now they (the American People) know what they (Republicans) have been trying to do and how important that is to You and Your Family, and thus…

…You see them scrambling to peddle Falsehoods in their Adds and Commercial that they are going to Protect Your Pre-Existing Conditions, when they have been trying to Destroy it for Years. Just last week passing legislation to further undercut it by the same Republicans that are Claiming that they are going to protect Your Pre-Existing Conditions.

So you know, there’s no Pre-Existing Condition without ObamaCare, No ObamaCare, No Pre-Existing Condition.

According to the Washington Post, We spend more money on Health Care than any other Developed Nation, Just Remember this when “You” go to the Polls to Vote.           Share      Tweet 

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