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 Your Social Security, Medicare, Pre-Existing Condition Coverage? Unless you are made out of some special super matter that cannot, nor will be affected by human afflictions, there’s a good chance that sooner than latter you, as with any other human being, will get sick at some point in the future, and by the way, don’t let your young age fool you, even Superman, had, his kryptonite!
To Young Voters, it’s time to exercise Your Constitutional Right, grab your friends, sweethearts and show that you care and really have come off of age, with your Vote.
Going forward there are two hard questions we all will be faced with, How Bad, and Can We Afford it?
How bad, will not be answered by hopes and wishes, even though no one can say in certain terms how bad an illness one may get the odds are, that we all as humans will definitely get sick at some point in our life. Chances of getting sick it’s up there with, Taxes and Death, it is, a certainty.
Can You Afford it? Unless you are in the upper echelon of society, a high wage-salary earner, a millionaire, perhaps getting sick would not be something that you’ll stress much over.
But if you are low income or even middle class as most of the US population is chances are that Pre-Existing Conditions will have an impact on your way of life and that of your family, cutting into or eliminating whatever plan you had for the future. So ask yourself, will you be covered?
Most people do not give an ounce of value to Health issues and Insurance coverage until faced with it and then it’s too late, face with consequences we all wish had paid attention to on hindsight.
Tire of hearing that Your Vote Counts? These Elections when you hear your Vote counts, Your Vote is important, make sure you take that to the bank, for it does and it is.
Unlike previous Elections the stakes are higher than ever and coverage or lack of it will definitely affect your pocketbook, your health, and whether you or a loved one affected by a chronic illness gets to be around to talk about it next year. This time around is not about party politics, it’s about Your Future, going ahead your Health and Financial stability should supersede Party Politics above all.
How good you, including your family comes out of it depends on your next move. Make the wrong one, vote for the wrong party with an agenda that will not benefit you or Your Family Health, stability and financial well being, or if you don’t vote at all…, will have serious implications as no change happens unless You Vote.  
Can’t blame it on the rain or on some cosmic force, it will be on you, as well as on all of those that do not exercise that Constitutional Right, question is, with so much at stake, are you willing to take that chance? If not, VOTE, The ball, is in Your Court! Comment, Like, Share, Follow. VOTE! Ralphy          Share      Tweet 
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