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Truth, Master Manipulator.

When is Red “Blue”, even though it is still Red? When Donald Trump decides it is “Blue” and if so, one should not get too comfortable or complaisant with that “Red” magical transformation into “Blue” even though it is still Red, for after Trump emphatically re-in forces and doubles down on the statement that Red is Blue, it might now be Green, while at the same time Trump would be insisting that what he really meant was that, he “assumed” that it was Blue even though it is still Red but definitely Green Now because he heard others mentioned that someone said, that the Red in front of them which he claimed to be Blue most likely was Green all along while still being Red, but with no proof to the contrary it is now Green from Red, even though it is still Red or, is it, Confusing? This is Donald Trump’s Vertigo, Dizzying, Alternate Universe.

In a world where for the most part common sense dictates a conscious norm of Normalcy and equilibrium to keep us all from going off the Deep End, it is almost maddening to observe day in and day out Donald Trump many Antics and Rants.

Trump has managed to create a total Parallel Universe in which the Truth becomes but a figment of one’s imagination, completely and skillfully transforming a simple narrative into a convoluted, warped vision or idea of what that narrative truth, really is, to become that which Trump want it to be at the moment, but Not what it really is. Creating an alternate truth which in the end deflects, transform, manipulates the facts with hearsay’s, controversies, conspiracies to prevent one from arriving at a factual conclusion, disregarding the Truth, as he goes along.

Distraction gives Trump an edge, at least, that seems to be Trump’s conventional wisdom if there is such a thing, he thrives in chaos, and miss-information and the like each time he’s confronted or cornered on a particular issue.

Trump has shown that distraction and chaos provides him with elbow room to manipulate himself out of most situations in the hope that, while most are frantically searching for the truth on one issue, memories may be fading on others or at the very least, conversation will move on to a different subject or end up etching doubts on people minds creating more questions than answers and thus repeating the Falsehood cycle as many times as necessary hoping that in the end, he’ll come up on top

Take for example Trumps tweet on Mar 4 – 2017 at 5:35 AM; Terrible! Just found out that Obama had my “wires tapped” in Trump Tower just before the victory. Nothing found. This is McCarthyism! Shameful, and outrageous accusation at his predecessor, with absolutely no evidence to support his claim.

Soon after, the FBI and other government officials debunked Trump’s claim, but instead of issuing an apology to Obama for his far fetch accusations Trump doubled down, then, a new wrinkle. House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes, who worked on Trump’s transition team, went to the White House and supposedly was given information that initially seemed to indicate there was more to it than met the eyes, in the end, stating that “We don’t have any evidence that, that took place”

Trump always seem to have a never-ending supply of new narratives, misinformation or twist on the truth. The administration claimed President Obama went outside the chain of command and used GCHQ (British intelligence) to wiretap Trump Tower, the British government outraged by the entire incident debunked Trump’s claims, but still no apologies

Unsubstantiated allegations went back and forth on this issue for several days involving a diverse cast of characters, some unwittingly (President Obama, FBI Director James Comey, former director of national intelligence James Clapper) others just seeking the spotlights; , House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes, Fox News reporters, Santa Claus (oh wait! No, not Santa) and more, all to distract from the current ongoing Russia’s Connection Investigation involving Trump and his Administration which James Comey was force to acknowledged due to Trump’s allegations.

Sometimes a person displays bouts and moments of wrong that defines their character, but Trump breaks the mold, Trump has shown no decency or good character nor an iota of Great Leadership, there are no bouts or moments of wrong with Trump, he thrives at making us believe that, he is always right even when he is wrong. Let’s get our Colors straight, on the upcoming Presidential Elections, Vote! Ralphy.  Comment, Like, Share, Follow.         Share      Tweet

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