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MISUSING THE ARM FORCES FOR POLITICAL PURPOSES!  The Trump Administration is and will forever be remembered as The Failed Racist Administration Experiment that ever was. One that most when dust clear, will distance themselves from and soon, will want to forget as if it never happened, except for the few that shared the same Ideology of a bigoted system.

Federal Law Prohibits US Military from Enforcing Domestic law on US Soil, Any Military Personnel (as well as their immediate command) using Lethal Force will be held accountable for those actions under Federal Law. Military is “Not” going to do anything other than provide back up support (deploying concertina wire, Military vehicles etc.) to ICE and Border Patrol; they are “Not” allowed to “Shoot” anyone.

Those 200 Plus Millions when everything is said and done, that Trump will be wasting sending the Military just to gain political Leverage with his Base could be put to better use, wherever it may be most sorely needed and I can think of many Programs that money, could help.

They say that Good always win over evil and Reason over Discord, and yet wrong always manage to rear its ugly self at each chance it gets hoping that persistence will win the day, that’s, Trump at his finest. Comment, Like, Share, Follow. Ralphy     Share      Tweet 

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