No Immunity


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Treason Earns nor Deserves Immunity.

To use Michael Flynn’s own words at the RNC in July;“Hillary has put our Nation Security at extreme High Danger”, then Led the “Lock Her Up” Chant. He said that he was, “a guy who knows this business,” “…if I did a tenth, a tenth of what she did today, I would be in jail today”,

Well…, as it is turning out, Flynn has surpassed what he claimed Hillary Clinton did in the e mail investigation which turned out to be not much more than a reckless handling of such, (according to the FBI whom ended up fully clearing Hillary Clinton over her emails ‘twice’).


  • Had already purposely leaked classified intel to the enemy at the time he was falsely accusing Hillary of mishandling classified intel. So much for putting our “Nation Security at extreme High Danger” remark.
  • Went Rogue, giving classified intel to Pakistan against orders, Flynn was demoted for it, Bad!
  • The Defense Intelligence Agency gave Michael Flynn a job, he turned out to be a bit much, and was let go in 2014. A Highly Decorated Retired United States Army lieutenant general that does not know how to follow orders, now, that’s a First.
  • Flynn was then hired by “Russia Today”, an English-language Propaganda Television Station funded by Putin and the Russian government. But then Lo and Behold, Donald Trump decided it to bring Flynn on board his campaign. A Russian Connection Asset perhaps?
  • No doubt Trump knew of Flynn’s bio before considering him for the position and thought he could use Flynn for his previously displayed unorthodox job qualities and now “Exposed” Russian connections of which we are yet to know the full scope of it.
  • Flynn communicated with Russia (currently a foe of the USA) about revoking sanctions placed by President Obama while he was still a “Private Citizen”. By doing so he has shown collusion, Directly Violating the Hatch Act and possibly the Logan Act of 1799 which may include fine and/or up to three years imprisonment.

Lock Her Up Chant is about to turn into “Lock Him Up”, that’s right, “Lock Him Up”. Now, the shoe, is on the other foot. Karma is a Bitch. Treason Earns, nor deserves Immunity. Discuss, Like, Share, Follow.          Share       Tweet

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