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Proudly Display Your Heritage, Ancestry-line of descent and, or Lifestyle, what makes You Americool, with our “Unique”, Beautiful, Place them Anywhere Mini Flags.

$9.95, Free Shipping – All Flags come in a Free Gift Box!

Don’t let the Beautiful looks fool you, Americool Minis are Miniature work of Art unlike other Mini Flags, and Guaranteed Made to last, celebrating your Heritage-diversity 24/7, 365 days, Custom Made in the USA.

    US-World Flags 003      New Mini Flags Pictures 067  New Mini Flags Pictures 083

Why Americool Mini-Flags? They are Unique:

  • Hang Them anywhere; rear view mirror, window pane, as Decorative or complimentary ensemble or, just to make a statement.
  • Custom Made to Order.
  • Many Style Combinations to choose from (see below).
  • Come with Metal “Brass” Staff, (Not cheap plastic staff imitation). It gives Your Mini Flag, Respect.
  • All flags come with Gold Fringes
  • Metallic Hanging-Golden Lace
  • Medical Grade Suction Cups”
  • UV mar Resistant Coating
  • Non Reflective, Non Glare
  • Made with Recyclable Materials
  • We carry all Flags of the World, as well as Lifestyles, we have yours.
  • All Flags come in a Free Gift Box
  • FREE Shipping!
  • Brand New-Bagged-Sealed. 
  • Made with Pride in the USA!


A – Proud Americool.

Your Country Flag on Front, same Country Flag and USA Flag “Subliminally” combined as one, on opposite side, we  carry all Flags of the World-Ancestry-Ethnicity and or Lifestyles. Flags comes with Gold Fringes on bottom edge (see Finished Mini Flags below), get your Ancestry Represented, order Yours Now!

Click  on Images for up-closed Detailed View of Actual Sample Mini Flag and Style you’ll be ordering and will receive. All Flags come with “Gold Fringes” printed so that they can be Displayed Vertically.

Front                        Back

US-World Flags 060

     Mini Flags-Your Country Flag.


    Mini Flags

Style: B – Proud Americool.

Proud Americool. Heritage (Country) flag on front…, USA on back.


Style: C – Heritage-Country Flag-Text

 Same Heritage-Country flag on Both Sides, with Text, as shown. 




 New Mini Flags Pictures 067

Style: AA-African American

   Different Design on each Side                                                                                         Front<———————–>Back                                                                      

AA2  New Mini Flags Pictures 068    New Mini Flags Pictures 076       

AA2       AA3        


 Same Flag Design on Both Sides                                                                                       Front<———————–>Back                                                                                                                                         

AAF5           AA26   AA Cup11  AA Cup11


African American: Brothers from Around the World!

 Same Flag Designs on Both Sides                                                                                       Front<———————–>Back                                                                                                                                                      

AABAW  AA Cup17  AA Cup17     AABAW-H  AA Cup20   AA Cup20

                      AABAW-Y  AA Cups22   AA Cups22


Style: LGBTQ

For the Proud LGBTQ American Community Across the USA.

All Flags comes with Gold Fringes (see LGBTG below) 

 Different Design on Each Side                              Front<———————–>Back         

 LGBTG              GLGBTQ              

 LLGBTQ           QLGBTQ     



Americans – LGBTQ Brothers and Sisters from Around the World!

 Different Design on Each Side                Front<———————–>Back     

ALP1           AQAP                        



Flags comes In Vibrant, Bright Colors.


Pay with Credit Card-PayPal (no PayPal Account required). New Picture (8)    New Picture (9)


Mini V Flag Styles
AA-LGBTQ Flag Code
Enter Ancestry-Country Flag


For additional Flags, add, on “Add to Cart” at Check-out. For different Flag (s), click Continue shopping” at check-out. Prices are USD (United State Denomination).

You will receive a confirmation Notice soon after you order. We ship Fast, your order should arrive within 7 working days or less not including weekends or Holidays, please allow extra Transit Time around the Holidays. Free shipping is for the Continental USA only. 

For Large quantities? Click Here.

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