While the Pandemic might not have affected many a lucky Individual financially, that might not hold truth for a substantial amount of Americans, whom, basically had been living Paycheck to Paycheck hoping things do not go worst than already are and yet, have given very little thought, to their Future Financial Survival should they be touch by COVID if not Vaccinated.

The consequences (aside from contracting the disease), the devastating effect COVID-19 and it’s ever evolving Variants will do to an individual Finances are to say the least life changing, just as bad as catching the disease itself, and surviving it.

Not only is COVID a serious threat to the immune system and organs essential for the proper function of your body to fend off all sorts of Diseases – illnesses, it’s a threat as well to your Financial Stability.

According to a News4Jax-article (Jacksonville, FL), and other insiders you may be in the hook for $2,000 and up to $20,000 or more in Medical costs even with some insurance waivers, waivers initially put in place as the Pandemic hit, with most waivers (some that have already expired and not renewed) expiring and insurances quietly not covering those costs,

Staying at your local Hospital due to COVID (and depending on how long your Hospital stay is) with cost ranging anywhere from $51,000 to 78,000, you get a real picture of what the Financial Future does look like for the average American.

COVID severely damage internal organs-the respiratory system to the point that will further and severely complicate any other illness you may face in the future prolonging and extending an already Apocalyptic Medical Financial dire situation for years to come.

In the scheme of things, for those that can afford it financially this is no bigly, but for the average folk with one foot in and one out, closer to being homeless, the odds are not on his or her favor.

COVID-19 and its many Variants does not care about ones Political Affiliations and or other Personal belief, it will kill just the same and continue to do so unless we take a collective stand to defeat it, it’s a Health issue and as such it has to be dealt with the same regard and aggressiveness it has shown us.

The sooner it is eradicated, the faster we’ll all go back to reclaiming what’s left of what we know as Pre-Pandemic times, whether those were good or bad times, temporarily frozen on our minds,  they were ours to decide the best outcome, with COVID… you do not have that choice.  Like, Share, Comment.  Share  


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