The Failure to Lead

The Failure to Lead, Will be Measured on Lives Lost, so far, that’s 247,645 (as of 11-17-2020)!

100,000 to 200,000 Deaths is OK with Trump, according to him, means that he would had done a very good job, think of that for a moment, can you even quantify in your mind the insanity of that statement, let along that many lives lost due to Trumps incompetence, it should send chills through your spine.

Trumps late entry into the fight against the Corona virus Pandemic will no doubt be measure in tremendous loss of lives, and make no mistake each live lost will be go down in the history books as (regardless, on how he chooses to spin such tragedy), a live lost due to Trump incompetence, under Trumps lack of leadership, under Trumps watch, under Trumps presidency.

But wait there’s more…, Rather than taking an initial pro-active approach, the lack of urgency by the Trump Administration-Federal Government is and has compounded what could of had been a more manageable crisis, notwithstanding the fact that the COVID-19 Pandemic, comes with, and presents its own set of unique challenges.

The barrage of constant Missed messages by Trump:

CDC recommended now we wear masks, Trump said he would not…, shortly after he said that, he said that some said it was was Patriotic to wear one, then he doesn’t, then he does and again does not. Confused much?

Dr. Anthony Fauci indicated that there has not been enough studies to indicate the drug Hydroxychloroquine (while effective against Lupus) would be effective against Corona virus, Trump pretty much dismisses this, even indicating that he would take it if stricken with the Virus, but you and I, know he wouldn’t (the drug has been declared ineffective against the Corona Virus, with deathly consequences if taken for this purpose).

But his supporters would, setting the stage for a new set of crisis which Trumps pretty much is promoting. Words carry weight, specially coming from the President of the United States and would be followed blindly by those with the lack of common sense, knowledge or just choosing to be ignorant or Political, regardless of circumstances.

The Trump Administration constantly questioning the need for large quantities of critical Protective Gear and or Medical supplies essential for the fight against the Virus by Medical Providers in highly infected or affected areas, is and will continue to aggravate and strain dangerously a crisis still out of control and in life support.

100,000 to 200,000 Deaths is OK with Trump, until this tragedy touches Trump self insulated and far removed mind set and his family tragically, he will not know the true Magnitude and insanity of his actions, never mind his words.

He will continue with his self serving, grandiose, glorifying interests even taking advantage of the Pandemic each chance he gets, when it come to Trump, you are nothing but a consequential number, if he’s not profiting from it one way or another, you are an inconvenience, discard able and not a number he much car about.

Make sure you tell your family Trump’s heartfelt feelings about the astronomical lost of life he’s OK with, and see how they feel about it. Follow CDC’s Guidelines not Trump’s Daily spin-aramas, stay home if you do not necessarily need to be out and about, wash your hands often, use sanitizer, wear a Mask and increase your chances of staying alive, and of not contracting or exposing yourself to COVID-19 so that you can enjoy many more Easters, Birthdays, Christmases, we can ride this out, as with other Pandemics, this will pass too, Like, Comment, Share. Ralphy


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