Time to Pack up the Courts

Is it Time to Pack up the Courts now that the Democrats have a Majority?

Senate Republicans voted on Monday night, October 26, 2020 to confirm Amy Coney Barret to the Supreme Court giving the Supreme Court a 6-3 Conservative Majority for Generations to come barely a week before the election, in the midst of more than 70 Millions voting and after Mitch McConnell and same Republican Majority refused to even have a hearing for Judge Merrick Garland on Obama’s final year as president.

Why should you care about this Sham, Hypocrisy and Travesty of a confirmation, because it is of unfathomable dire consequences to Roe vs Wade (Amy Coney Barret will further chip away at abortion rights with the final aim at overturning it).

Her past views on these issues and others issues of importance to the average American are but a small glimpse of her views. Not only a threat to woman’s rights, but a threat to The Affordable Care Act and LGBTQ rights as well.

There’s no  reason to believe that now that she’s confirmed, that her draconian views have changed,  unless she recuses herself  on these issue, she will judge against The Affordable Care Act living millions uninsured in the middle of a Pandemic.

While rendering all those with previous underlying conditions as well as those contracting the virus, (which will be considered an underlying condition), not insurable and or vulnerable to costly Health-Hospital bills.

But back at the “Bat Cave”, Her imminent appointment to the Supreme Court seems to have enticed Judge Brett Kavanaugh (another Trump appointee), signaled that he was open to stealing the elections for Trump, threatening the integrity of the elections by casting doubt on the legitimacy of many mail ballots.

Kavanaugh was attempting to or was defending a Wisconsin law disqualifying ballots received after Election Day possibly disenfranchising up to 100,000 voters according to an article on SLATE.

These shenanigans show why elections are more consequential than ever, you are not just voting, you are voting to preserve “Democracy” as you know it BT (Before Trump). Is it time to pack up the Courts?


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