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Are you winning yet? Are you Tired of Winning? Is Losing, Winning?

While it is truth that the economy has improved and jobs creation have as well, this is mostly due to the Policies of the previous administration which carry over to the Trump administration, even though Trump often boast and like to take full credit. However, while Jobs creation has improved in some areas no one seems to be talking about the elephant in the room.

The Retail Industry has been closing Retail Stores at an alarming rate throwing many into the Unemployment Lines. An uncertain future for those being affected and their families!

After much talk about Job Creation by Trump (aside from his Highly Publicized and over-rated Fiasco appearances in which he took undeserved credit for a few hundred jobs held back in the US), the fact remains that Trump election has not really had a significant bump in Job Creation (156,000 jobs were created in December 2016 along, under President Obama).

So far, the “Are you Tired of Winning Yet” prosperity that Trump Promised seems to have evaded many a High-Profile Retailer, most which are closing Hundreds of stores or making drastic changes to their operations or just simply, going out of business all together with thousands of jobs being lost so far since Trump took office such as:

JC PENNEY= 138 Stores have closed by May 22nd.

MACY’S – 68 stores and another 30 by this past Spring.

Food Locker – closing 100 locations in 2017.

KOHL’S – Reducing store footage while Leasing space.

CVS – Closing 70 Stores.

OFFICE DEPOT – already closed 123 stores, those are not coming back.

ABERCROMBIE & FITCH – Closing 60 stores in 2017.

BCBG MAXAZRIA – Closing 118 stores.

HHGREGG – Closing 88 stores.

PIER 1 IMPORTS – Closing 100 stores through 2019.

STAPLES – Closed 48 stores with 70 more to follow.

TIFFANY & CO. – Closing Six stores.

SEARS – Closing hundred of Locations, and recently filing for bankruptcy.

BEBE – Closing All stores, will sell on-line only.

PAYLESS – Preparing to file for Bankruptcy, initially may close 400 stores and as many as 1,000 stores when everything is said and done!

Toys R Us, and since this list was compiled, many more have shut their doors.

One can argue that Trump never promised Jobs in the Retail Industry, as he concentrated his campaign rants on getting the “Coal Industry” Jobs Back and really not much else in terms of job creation. However, do not get too hung up on Trump Pie in The Sky promises of returning Coal Jobs to the Coal Mining Industry, with five companies going out of business so far, at last count. Coal jobs even before Obama, had been and will continue to be replaced by cheaper alternate forms of energies, by Technology and Artificial Intelligence.

Think…, one Trained Technician will be able to run up to 3,000 Robots displacing many a job position within that environment. As for “Clean Coal”, “Really Clean Coal”, it is a myth! A false Narrative for Coal is by far the largest single source of greenhouse gases in the U.S., It is not possible to make coal emissions cleaner as it does virtually nothing to reduce CO2 emissions exacerbating Global Warming.

But do not despair, if you are not willing to Re-Tool, there’s always Farm (can you hear the sound of fresh Produce being pick up early in the morning by those yearning to fill these Low, Meager Paying jobs?) and the Hospitality Industries (nothing like the fresh smell of clean sheets in a newly rented Hotel room turned over daily by those Minimum Wagers), jobs that will be vacated by Trump immigration Policies, or so goes the theory.

So, are you Winning Yet? Even better, who’s really winning? Trump, it seems, is getting tired of Winning, so far, by nothing but…, losing! Will you get Tired of Winning like Trump?  Ralphy   Share       Tweet

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