To Win, Cheat Steal… Lie!


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How to win an Election, Cheat Steal… Lie!

It seems that in each Election the only way Republicans win is if they Cheat;  With Gerrymandering, Vote Suppression, Voter ID legislation to discourage Minorities from Voting, with Defective-Outdated Voting Equipment which flip Votes, changing the Rules for Rural Native Americans so those communities do not fall within regular streets Guidelines thus keeping those communities from Voting.

Steal; Russian Intervention, Troll Farms, Hanging Chads, Not Counting or holding Votes back for, and under dubious circumstances and, did I mention, Gerrymandering?

Or just, unabashedly and blatantly Lying; With Barrage of Falsehoods, Conspiracy Theories, Hysteria, False Narratives, unsubstantiated allegations and the like (there were Arabs clapping on the middle of Central Park on September Eleven, or, if Democrats win, election was rigged (Trump). All, Republicans Tactics, used, and well documented.

Truth, elections have been known to get nasty at times, but what’s currently unfolding this time around is shinning a light at what should not be considered normal, nor be “Normalized” regardless of Party Affiliation. Republicans it seems, do not believe on playing fair, if the end result is the same why not Cheat, Steal, and Lie, what do they have to loose, if it gets them  elected!

Should Democrats, pull a page from their playbook? Perhaps not, for someone has to be this country conscience and common sense, it’s what gives this country Sanity, Hope. Let’s make Common Sense and Decency the Prevailing winner on Tuesday, November 3, 2020 Elections, Comment, Like, Share, Follow.  Ralphy        Share      Tweet

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