As president of the United States the bulk of responsibility for the Health, Stability and well Being of all Americans not just a selected few, falls, squarely on Trump’s shoulders, notwithstanding how he delegates response to COVID-19 or any other Crisis, and, regardless of how he might want to spin it, Trump, as President, is Responsible and so will be recorded on the History books.

As President, he is supposed to lead but did not, or too late, and to add injury to insult, did hardly enough when confronting the crisis, lying about the facts, undermining Top Physicians Advice and oftentimes the efforts of Governors fighting against the Virus and on the midst and thick of the Pandemic, which makes all additional Deaths, for his lack of foresight, oversight, readiness and leadership, Trump’s Deaths!

Trump oftentimes like to give himself an “A”, from a Grading of A to D, for his response-handling of the Coronavirus, done so on some of his daily TV updates, updates that are nothing more than TV Political Rallies for his base.

Now that he’s been found out, major Networks are not covering him or cutting Briefings off to snippets of actual News Updates, and, after his Totally Off the Wall-Craze “Medical Advises” of injecting People with ”Disinfectant” to fight off the Coronavirus or and…with some kind of “Light”. With no Networks to promote his TV Rallies, Trump wants to do away with Briefings.

Never mind that these Briefings are to alert the Public, of Critical Updates on the latest news about the Pandemic.

Our Grading, after his fumble of the Coronavirus Response, Late response to a Pandemic crisis when his administration was given critical COVID-19 information on real time by the WHO – World Health Organization but failed to act on it.

For waiting almost five weeks before he started to take any substantial action on such Critical information, Trump’s lack of empathy for the deaths past, current and most likely the one’s yet to be announced.

No current, Actual, Adequate, Nationwide Testing (though there have been some improvements at some local levels), in place as I write this Post. Critical, Required, for the reopening of the States and thus the Economy.

The Deaths of 204,486 Americans (and climbing) under his watch most of which could of had been prevented if not for Trump lack of action and leadership.

Numbers that Do Not quite reflect the true Tragedy for behind those numbers are Moms, Dads, Children’s, Friends taken by COVID-19, never to enjoy another smile, laughter, the trial and tribulations of life, the emotional celebrations and get together of a Birthday, Christmas, Ramadan or Hanukkah.

Trump’s rating for his Fantastic, Incredible, Beautiful, Great, Nice; we have it under control, everybody that needs and wants to be tested can now be tested handling of COVID-19 In a scale of 1 to 10: thousand zeros before zero, From A to D…Trump earns a solid… Z Minus! Comment, Like, Share Ralphy  Share


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