Would you be facing Financial Armageddon, WHERE ARE THE LYSOLS?

Where are the Lysol Spray-Wipes? For months now it has proven to be quite a task trying to find some Lysol Spray and Wipes, you have a better chance at winning the Lottery.

These products were supposed to have been re stocked and on the shelves by the middle of this past June and or July, yet supplies of these products are so scarce, by the time you get whiff-notice that they are available and get to the store, shelves are empty.

You can’t find them at Waltmart, Sam’s Club or Costco, Popular Retails such as Target, nor CVS and Walgreen’s and whenever you find any, product is a down sized, rationed version of the original, at a premium or twice to almost three time the price.

Perhaps you get lucky and find some on E Bay at $41.00 for two cans, Price Gauging anyone!

As it turned out, Lysol Spray, a recent research found it to be effective at killing COVID-19, as bulk of stock is reserve for the Medical and First Responder Community; this does nothing for the average individual trying to keep from getting infected.

While those at the front of the line fighting against the Corona Virus do need to have this product on hand and are without question Heroes, for each day they deal with this Pandemic they have a higher probability of exposing themselves and their family to COVID-19, with their plight often on the front pages and to certain extent being addressed, it is not so with Disinfectants for the masses. The lack of concern for availability of these Disinfectant Sprays and Wipes by the powers that be is troubling, exponentially adding another Crisis to the Pandemic Crisis.

While some of the ingredients that goes into making Lysol products comes from China and supply chain was disrupted when the Pandemic hit, these companies had ample time to regroup, so by this time adding additional resources, re-stocking these product, should of not been a problem, they know the business, existing stocks, their supply chains and what it takes to produce and get their product on the shelves. Their warehousing capabilities to keep up with demands and knew, this Crisis was coming, this is not their first Rodeo, and they have no excuses for limited supply.

They know the more there is a limited supply, the more there is a demand, so the more they charge, and profit, it is all about the Money!

The lack of availability for these products has the potential to create a new Health Crisis or add to the one we are currently experiencing…, Clorox? On late July departing head of Clorox stated that Clorox Wipes will not be re stocked up and until July 2021, adding to the Crisis, Microban?

If you can’t have a can of Lysol Spray and Wipes, Clorox or Microban-24 Hours Disinfectant to disinfect those Items and areas to ward off the Virus, and you end up in the hospital for COVID-19 treatment (average stay at a Hospital-1-2 weeks and as long as 12 weeks) and if you survive, your system will not be the same when leaving the Hospital for this Virus ravages internal organs to the point that you will have other ailments, the result of this Virus for years to come, as well as other illnesses that could of have had been prevented, if you only had access to these disinfectants.

Paying a visit to your local Medical facility, more so now than at any other time, with this Pandemic will cost you and cost you big insurance or not, a win-win for the Medical Community racking in Astronomical Profits due to the Pandemic, and more so, when a Vaccine is in place (available on late spring 2021 at the earliest, or not!), aside from the human cost, financial Armageddon for you.

Note: While these disinfectants are a must have, there are alternatives that you can use, hand washing being a very simple effective first step: wash hands vigorously for 20 seconds, no soap and water? Hand Sanitizer is the next best thing, then, there’s Clorox Disinfectant Bleach, the one that Kill 99.9% Bacteria.

Dilute 1/3 cup of bleach per gallon of water or 4 teaspoons per quart apply to surface with rubber gloves. While bleach is a great disinfectant, it’s hazardous if not used properly, follow label directions. Until disinfectants are back on shelves, these steps, could help and to certain extent keep you from financial Armageddon, stay Safe!  Discuss, Like, Share, follow.

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