Where is our 3M N-95 Masks?


Where is our 3M N-95 Masks, Did you get yours?

Why is it that only Medical Professionals get to use the highly effective 3M N95 masks? Are we all not exposed to the same Pandemic? Right now these 3M N95 Masks are only available to the Medical and First Responder Community, with its Chinese counterpart (certified by their Health Department) KN-95 on limited supply.

If these Masks are so effective at warding off the Virus as they had proven to be, does it not make sense, than by now they should of had being available to the Public at large?

By Trump declaring the Defense Production Act over Private Industries a law that permits the federal government to impose some control over the private sector industry to ensure the production of material deemed necessary for national defense including 3M N-95 Masks there’s never been a better time and reason, for invoking this act than during this Pandemic.

You heard a bit about this Law and its potential back in April-May, things started to move somewhat on this direction and then… puff! Not even a whimper about it anymore.

Congress enacted this Law for military necessities like steel and tanks, lawmakers expanded it after the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks to cover other areas, such as public health and safety. It is now reauthorized until 2025. Existing government panel created under this law, the “Defense Production Act Committee”, made up of officials from various agencies has currently a process and system in place to implement this Law.

Yet Trump has not found the urgency to fully sign off on it when it could alleviate an already urgent, need, desperate situation, why? If it does not panders, personally or financially benefits Trump and his Cronies – never mind that 161,906 people in the U.S. Republicans as well as Democrats, have died so far (regardless of how he wants to spin it), under his watch, due to complications from COVID-19 – Trump, could Not care less.

While is imperative that the Medical Community and First Responders have a first shot at and, an ample supply of this critical commodity, if we are to control this Virus while waiting for a Vaccine, we all should be able to have access to 3M N95 Masks, an extra tool on the tool box to reduce the chances of getting COVID-19, to that I ask, where are, our 3M N-95 Masks?

Note: while 3M N-95 Masks featured on this post are very effective at Filtering 95% of COVID-19, other Viruses and Particles, it only Protects you, unless everyone around you is wearing a Mask, the 3M-N95 without a valve, is recommended. 3M N-95 Mask (without valve) are currently reserved only for the Medical Community, not available to the General Public thus reason for this Post. While Medical Professionals wear “Surgical” masks or different Face Coverings in the Operating Room the 3M N-95 Mask are usually Reserved for other Critical Areas where Contact with COVID-19 patients or asymptomatic individual is likely. This Mask has a counterpart, the KN-95, same Mask. The difference? The 3M N-95 is Certified by the CDC (US), while the KN-95 is Certified by the Chinese Health Government, both Masks are Made in China, both Filter 95% of Viruses and other contaminants through a 5 Layer fabric system, including one Carbon, fused together to form the Mask. At the High of the shortage for this critical commodity, the CDC approved-Certified the KN-95 Mask as they felt it was the same-safe to be used by the US Medical Community. You still see these Masks (KN-95 as listed here) used by Medical Professionals in the US.  Discuss, Like, Share, follow.

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