Will the Unsuspecting Fly

Will the Unsuspecting Fly, get COVID-19?

Judging by the way things are going at the White House with well over 34 infected with COVID-19 with ties to the White House and their events. Substantially more infected than at first reported so far and still counting and the Trump Administration been less than stellar at telling the “Truth” about anything is Pence infected and we are not told the Truth by this Administration? Was the Fly, that landed on Pence “Shag” Exposed to the Virus…, if it was Republican, would we ever know?

Trump is now indicating that he will not participate on a Virtual Debate with Vice President Joe Biden, never mind that Trump is infected with the Virus and he himself infected others and will continue to infect others due to his lack of common sense, would you participate on anything Trump Related if you had to be on his immediate proximity?

Now infected with the Virus Trumps knows well was is awaiting once he’s no longer president, the countless Lawsuits and indictments that keeps piling up even as I write this post, judging by past behaviors Trump, couldn’t care less if Biden gets infected, it would be a win for him, a win if he dies as well for then he wouldn’t had to face a bleak outcome and the embarrassment that comes with such eventuality as this time the chances that he would come on top, the “Great Negotiator” as he claims to be but proven otherwise so far, is not on the cards and would be more than he could bear.

With the continuation of Falsehoods by Mike Pence at the First and Only Vice-Presidential Debate, one can only wonder… do they really thing, know even, that America is not that gullible to believe the cascade of lies emanating from this Administration and their allies with the dozen of reputable news outlet constantly checking the facts, or are they simply so delusional that they are starting to believe their own Lies!

Watching the Debate one can only conclude that Trump as well as its Complicit Republican Legislators you know, those that promised to uphold the Rule of Law and the Constitution but had trampled on both not given a second thought must be retired these Elections to bring Sanity to a World already conflicted by a Pandemic which is yet to be controlled and with many casualties yet on the horizon.

A Country, more Divided than ever, an Economy yet to be determined, High Unemployment, Thousands of Businesses going under and an Administration reluctant to consider another Relief Package (now pivoting back due to pressure, but probably to change his mind, again) which may give a glimmer of hope and control for those in the verge, if not already facing eviction, starvation and an uncertain Health Crisis.

One can only watch with disbelieve at those that support an Administration with same bleak and negative outcome for nothing will change that does not benefit Trump. One thing is to support a Political Party and ideology, and live in the moment, yet, another to disregard all norm of sanity which will do nothing to improve the situation you find yourself in, with devastating future consequences which will affect you for years to come.

That Fly on Mike Pence “Shag” is a perfect example of what an unsuspecting reality Trump portrays, it represents all that the current Administration does, and is. When born, that fly is completely clear of parasites but as it progresses (Trump Administration) to adulthood it has the potential to carry deceases (falsehoods-conspiracies), ready to infect those unsuspecting (Trump followers) victims that do ignore reality (the truth) for what it is not caring about the tragic consequences (a brighter future) that such an insignificant insect can inflict, no, the fly will not give or get COVID as it goes about the business of being well, a Fly.  Vote! Vote Now, Vote tomorrow but Vote! Like, comment, share, follow.

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