Will Trump ever pay a price

(revised) Make that…625, 153 (currently as of 08-19-2021),

Will Trump ever pay a price for 10’s of Thousands of unnecessary Deaths?

Contrary to Trump ignoring and questioning the need for critical Protective Gear and or Medical supplies essential for the fight against the Virus by Medical Providers in highly infected or affected areas, particularly if those areas are in States run by Democrats shows the lack of Leadership and lack of compassion by Trump and his Administration, the need is still great, and in many places across the US urgent, to say the least!

Whatever happened to the “United States of America” and serving all of the people, not just those that subscribe to Trump’s ideology, not that he has one even for those in Republican led States for if it does not serve Trump self interest it does not matter whether you come from a Democrat or Republican run State, Trump will treat you with an equal amount of disdain.

Rather than taking an initial pro-active approach, the lack of urgency by the Trump Administration/Federal Government and indifference has added to what could of had been a Vastly More Manageable Crisis, notwithstanding the fact that the Pandemic, comes with, and presents its own set of unique challenges.

The Defense Production Act was created and should of had been invoked to control this Pandemic, it would of had made all the difference, not invoking this DPA to deal with this Pandemic while tens of thousands die, is Criminal.

According to the John Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center 625, 153 as of 08-19-2021 have died because of COVID-19, that’s, Not just a number friend. That’s Grandparents, Moms, Dads, Uncles, Aunts, Brothers and Sisters as well as Children; those are Relatives that will never have a chance at a Life again, senseless Deaths, where, is the Outrage?

Along with those grim statistics; there’s well Over 37,293,969 Million of COVID-19 Cases now reported with more than 4.41 million children testing positive for COVID-19 since the onset of the pandemic and more added each day! The ones that Trump keeps insisting are hardly affected or affected at a Minimum level. Where’s the Outrage?

Would one individual had Die under Obama’s watch because of, or due to being inept at dealing with this Pandemic Republicans would of have had a field day with him, never let him live that down.

Will Trump ever answer to, or pay a price for the Tens of Thousands that die and will die unnecessarily simply because it did not serve his self interests? Previous and further unnecessary deaths and additional Crisis with a second wave of the COVID expected by the Fall, created by his ineptitude, arrogance, self interest, an unnecessary Crisis, of his own doing? Where…, is the OUTRAGE? Discuss, Like, Share, follow.

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